It’s June 6th today and the first anniversary of the Union Pearson Express (UP Express), the air rail link between Union Station and Pearson Airport in Toronto. We have had the pleasure of working with the UP Express team for over three years, supporting the development of strategic planning and implementation of partnerships to support the organization’s goals. As frequent travelers, we love the train and in honor of UP Express’ first anniversary, wanted to share why it is an excellent option for other business travelers coming into or out of Toronto.

  1. Reliability

How many times have you sat in the back of a cab or airport limo stressing about the line of cars in front of you on the Gardiner Expressway, pleading with the traffic to dissipate? In all likelihood these experiences are numerous and incredibly stressful. The UP Express schedule allows you to plan ahead and optimize your time in office. You know when you need to be on the platform to catch the quick and reliable 25-minute train ride from Union to Pearson.

  1. Time Optimization

For business travellers, there is never a moment to waste and the UP Express ensures you never have to. With comfortable seating, power outlets in every row and free Wi-Fi for the duration of your journey this is a business travellers’ dream. Sit down, plug-in and maximize the 25-minute trip by sending emails or reviewing that document you just didn’t have time to get to before leaving the office.

  1. Amenities

Arrive early for your train? No problem. Capitalize on those extra minutes by grabbing a coffee at Balzac’s or grab and go salad from Mill Street in the CIBC UPstairs Lounge. Looking for a meeting place before heading out-of-town? The Lounge is a great spot to have a quick touch base. The quality of the UP Express food, beverage and merchandise retailers really is a notch above what you would expect and makes travelling with them a delight.

With the efficiency of pricing and reliability as a mode of travel between downtown Toronto and Pearson Airport, the UP Express is part of our company travel policy. It has been a decision that has made great business sense for us and hope you find it supports you too in optimizing the precious resources of money and time in your travels.