TACK10 works with and for our clients to leverage the nine core value drivers of strategic partnership. Beyond traditional partnerships, a strategic partnership is an agreement between two or more organizations to create shared benefit of equal or similar value within a defined framework which is actively measured and managed to deliver against a minimum of three core value drivers. The purpose of entering into such agreements is that alone, an organization’s potential is limited by its internal constraints. Leveraging the key value drivers of strategic partnerships, organizations dramatically reduce or eliminate these constraints. What we refer to as above the line core value drivers deliver direct financial benefit while below the line core value drivers strengthen the organization which leads to incremental revenue growth from an organization’s core operating activities. Key value drivers of strategic partnerships include:


Cost Abatement

Non-Traditional Revenue

Sponsorship Revenue

Authority / Credibility / Trust

Audience Access

Audience Experience

Shared Expertise

Communication / Narrative

Competitive Advantage