This Father’s Day saw many brands developing campaigns focused on honouring and celebrating dad’s. Most Father’s Day campaigns tend to see brands bring our a more sentimental tone – and this year was no different. With our #WordOfTheWeek being #advantage, the brands that caught our eyes this year were those who went a step further and took advantage of developing a Father’s Day campaign that will make a difference. Without further ado, here are our Top 3 Father’s Day Campaigns of 2018!

Huggies – The Power of Dad’s
It is no secret that Huggies believes in the power of hugs. The diaper brand’s No Baby Unhugged initiative was created to help parents embrace the power of hugs and to help all babies get the hugs they need through hospital hugging programs. Being held is necessary for development: skin-to-skin contact with a newborn via hugging helps regulate body temperature, stabilize vital signs, build immune systems, and promote weight gain. Huggies has positioned themselves as the hugging champion, building emotional equity while giving the brand some medical authority. While previous campaigns promoting No Baby Unhugged have been geared towards mothers, this Father’s Day Huggies took to embracing the Power of Dads. The new campaign shares the message that although father’s are unable to carry a baby for nine months or give birth, they are still able to give their baby the most powerful gift of all – a hug.

Dove Men+Care – Paternity Leave
Unilever’s Dove brand has been no stranger to taking the lead on major issues in society. Dove has been particularly successful with their Self-Esteem Project and Real Beauty platform, through which they promote body positivity for women. Dove is now focusing some of its efforts to support men and the stereotypes around care-giving and paternity leave through Dove Men+Care. Ahead of Father Day’s, Dove announced a major multi-year initiative to help men around the world take the paternity leave that is given to them. According to Dove’s research only 22% of men in Canada have access to paternity leave and of those, most do not take the time off. In addition to a council of advisors and a digital hub to help educate fathers, the brand ran a Father’s Day campaign that shared stories of men who have taken paternity leave, encouraging others to do the same.

Prostate Cancer Canada – Plaid for Dad
Launched in 2015, Prostate Cancer of Canada’s Plaid for Dad movement aims to help raise awareness and research funds for prostate cancer. The Friday before Father’s Day is designated as the day to wear Paid for Dad. Individuals participating are asked to share photos online using the hashtag #PlaidforDad to show their support and spread awareness. Thousands of workplaces and individuals “Go Plaid” through donations, fundraising and events, helping the 1 in 7 men that will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Final Bell
Every Father’s Day, marketers develop campaigns in hopes of tapping in to consumers emotions. This year, it was not only about emotion but a perfect launchpad for meaningful cause marketing. Holiday campaigns are a great way for brands to get creative, but they are also incredible opportunities to make a lasting impact.