The Paradigm Shift™: The Ecosystem of Brand, Cause & Consumer

Industry leading seminar, workshop, training and coaching for teams and / or individuals who have an interest in understanding and leveraging cause influences on consumer decisions.

Cause and philanthropy are said to be in a crisis state. We could not disagree more. What we are seeing is The Paradigm Shift in this sector. Consumers are more deeply committed than ever to cause, but the mechanisms through which they contribute continue to evolve. Causes and charities need to evolve along with the shifting consumer mindset if they are to meet their own needs, while brands have a unique ability to leverage this movement to deliver against their own business objectives. Charities who dismiss or reject the important impact this shift is having, are already failing to meet their targets. Those brands who have caught on are already seeing the impact it can have in delivering on business objectives. It represents the single biggest opportunity for charities in decades and one of the biggest opportunities for brands, if organizations can comprehend the evolution, differentiate, leverage and capitalize on The Paradigm Shift.


•  Streams: Choose from either the Brand or Cause stream.
•  Outcomes: Participants will understand the most important and critical motivators, trends and insights that are The Paradigm Shift and will be able to apply these insights to their own business objectives.
•  Availability: Individual seminar or as our popular combined offering of seminar, workshop and training with the option for ongoing team and / or individual coaching to ensure application of the concepts is actualized.