In the fall, TACK10 launched a new paid seminar and training series, which has had overwhelmingly positive review. We hear from participants that they are aware of some of the trends and data around cause and its importance to consumers. Far too often however, participants indicate that there is so much data out there that one,overwhelming and two, difficult to break it all down into insights and understand how those insights can be leveraged. The Paradigm Shift brings together data, motivators and trends from hundreds of reports and studies including the most recent major publications as well as the Federal Statistical System of the United States and Statistics Canada. These inputs were dissected, analyzed and the hypotheses tested to construct a series of deep insights and actionable activities organizations can undertake to leverage the findings in order to meet corporate and organizational objectives.

Insight Preview:  Daily Choices Are Part of the Giving Lexicon

North Americans are using with their wallets and making active decisions daily which involve and impact cause. Data shows that 87% of consumers are willing to buy one product over another, 91% are willing to switch brands, 57% will pay more based on a brand’s cause values be aligned with their own. This tells a remarkable story! The results support this data as brands that authentically support cause and integrate it within corporate DNA are seeing sales increases of 25% versus those that do not. Brands cannot afford to not invest in cause. It has the potential to be the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of any marketing activity!