Hello, my name is Michelle and I’m one of the newer members at TACK10. So glad you clicked on my story this week where I get to share a personal perspective of what change has meant in my life. Anyone that knows me can tell you I’m very short, just a measly 5 feet tall, but I’m told I’m not short on talent. I was born in Montreal but moved to the SIX (Toronto) to expand my horizons. Here are a few fun facts: I’m an animal lover, chocolate addict, charcuterie board enthusiast and professional singer….in the shower. But most importantly, I’m TACK10’s Web and Graphic Designer.

Change Means Growth
If you asked me just a few years ago where I’d be working or what I would be doing, I would have told you that I hoped to be set up in an office or clinic working with people trying to deal with any types of life situations. Looking back at high school, I often found myself helping friends manage any issues that they may have had (family issues, difficult relationships, etc.). No matter what, I was always there when needed most; whether it was just being there to listen or have a shoulder to cry on and saw that I had a positive effect. Living in Montreal and after graduating from high school I was accepted into the psychology program at college. After just one year, I felt the program wasn’t for me. I wanted to learn practical information but I felt as if I was studying neuroscience! I needed a change in programs but the real question was, what would I choose? I spoke to a few career counselors who recognized my passion for people but also my creativity. I took this advice in stride and switched into graphic design and media  – where I flourished.

Change Means Opportunity
My passion for design took me to Toronto, continuing my education at York University.  I still found myself lending more than an ear or two to new friends who confided in me. In college, a significant change enabled me to express myself while still being able to make a positive impact on others.  I still aim for the same impact but do so through creativity and design. TACK10 is a perfect example of a change I gladly invite.

Why TACK10
Since finding my true passion in graphic and web design, I knew I was set out for the job of my dreams. After months of looking, TACK10 came at the perfect time. Speaking to the team I realized that this is the company that is everything I could’ve asked for. My dream job right ahead of me.  Working with a team of passionate people focused on making a positive difference and the ability to create change in the community while also helping clients achieve their goals and aspirations. These have always been the sort of attributes that have defined my life. Working as a new tactician could not have been a better fit. I’m now ready to bring my passion to new opportunities that come my way.

Final Bell
Sometimes when things are not going the way you want you can choose to keep fighting until you see a change. You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. In my experience, change contributes to individual growth and potential opportunity alike. Working at TACK10 with such talented individuals has shown me the positive impact they have towards communities, and I’m excited to be apart of it! Their purpose is aligned with mine –  and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here.

Michelle Lyman

Michelle Lyman

Web & Graphic Designer

It is rare to find designers who naturally process design in 5 dimensions and appealing to all 6 senses. Her design has the ability to check that 6th sense of… The “gut” says YES! The devil is in the details and Michelle places tremendous value on getting the details right. With an innate ability to scale up or down performance based on the projects real requirements, she is a secret weapon on the TACK10 design team.