Back in November, TACK10 had the chance to speak with marketing expert Anna Neri Datri of Innovative Food Brands to discuss her experience in developing strategic partnerships across various industries. One of the insights Neri Datri wanted to ensure she shared was that it is important to have an unbiased third party within a strategic partnership to keep things running smoothly, especially at the onset of the relationship.

A partner moderator who can be present at workshops, negotiations and other meetings between strategic partners should be considered a necessity in the initial stages of exploration and development. Not only do they act as a traditional meeting moderator, aiding in the flow of the discussion and ensuring both sides are being accurately represented without conflict, they can provide valuable ideation toward the project at hand.

As Neri Datri explained in our interview, a strategic partnership is “live” and “active.” Both parties need to be able to constantly work at the relationship and on the project, and they need to feel free to think outside any creative constraints. This is one point in which the moderator can come in to play. Based on his or her background and related experiences, a third party has the ability to open each partner’s eyes to new or different opportunities they may not have been able to see initially. Since value creation is of utmost importance in a strategic partnership, the ideas of this third party moderator and the subsequent opportunities they may present are priceless.

In any strategic partnership, the ability to fully trust your partner is key in sharing ideas and building the foundation for a long-term relationship. A moderator can help create this trust between partners by promoting open communication among both sides. A strong understanding of each partner and a complete unbiased approach are important characteristics a moderator must exhibit in order to create the rapport necessary for building trust. This is a key value in leveraging a third party; their ability to equally learn the intricacies of both business systems and then ideate through a neutral view.

As linking our clients to various brands through strategic partnerships is one of the major tasks we perform at TACK10, our executive team has extensive experience in acting as partner moderators. To learn more about the work we do with our clients and partners, reach out to us on social media or at, and look out for our newly developed website coming soon.