The Great Pivot™: From Sponsorship to Partnership   

Leading seminar, workshop, training and coaching for teams and / or individuals who have an interest in moving beyond transactional sponsorships to partnerships that deliver value to all stakeholders.

Sponsorships are a form of advertising that originated in the 1970s when Kettering Tyres bought the right to put their logo on Southern League Kettering Town’s jerseys. While a lot has changed since that time, more has stayed constant in this industry and when boiled down, sponsorship valuation is based on the number of eyeballs delivered by a property to its sponsor. Unsurprisingly, the #1 concern of professionals in this sector is measuring return on investment. It remains difficult if not impossible to determine the true value of a sponsorship to a specific category or brand. For example, the most significant asset that professional sports teams base the value of their sponsorship packages on is logo exposure through broadcast. Logo exposure! Properties who continue to sell sponsorships as advertising will find increasing difficulty justifying these investments, while brands will shift spending to channels where return on investment can be quantified. Sponsorship valuation does not take into account the nuances of measurement pertaining to the various objectives that can be addressed through these relationships. The time is now to re-orient and re-define this discipline by effectively valuing the role that property relationships and assets can deliver to meet brand objectives. The Great Pivot will orient your teams around the four primary business objectives that can be driven through brand-property partnerships and processes to re-package or develop assets to deliver on these business objectives.


•  Streams: Choose from one of the Brand, Property or SME streams.
•  Outcomes: Participants will acquire deep understanding of the four primary business objectives that can be supported or achieved through brand-property partnerships along with the process for program development, asset development and negotiation to deliver on these business objectives.
•  Availability: Individual seminar or as our popular combined offering of seminar, workshop and training with the option for ongoing team and / or individual coaching for application of these partnership concepts to deliver on an organization’s specific objectives.