The Evolution™: Social Enterprise Replacing Charity

Seminar, workshop, training and coaching for teams and / or individuals who are seeking to understand the impact of social enterprise in the charitable landscape.

Giving trends are changing. Younger segments of the population are not writing cheques to charity, they don’t even have cheques to write! This is not indicative of a diminished interest in causes, these audiences are more committed than ever to having a social, environmental and economic impact, but they are investing in cause through daily purchasing and lifestyle decisions. Social enterprises have emerged as the new model for consumers who wish to have cause impact. Charities are trying to solve the same issues as these social enterprises, but they have been slow to adopt this new model of fund development and stakeholder engagement. For charities, expanding into the blue ocean of social enterprise is mission critical to stakeholder engagement and fund development. For brands and businesses, The Evolution creates a new model for addressing the purpose that is embedded within organizational DNA and an opportunity to create deeper, more loyal customer relationships. The Evolution represents the opportunity of a generation for leaders of traditional organizations to think and act like entrepreneurs and disrupt the status quo.


•  Streams: Choose from one of the Brand, Cause, Property or SME streams.
•  Outcomes: Participants will understand the most important and critical motivators, trends and insights that are driving social enterprise growth and causing contraction in traditional giving. Design thinking principles will be applied to support participants in thinking in an entrepreneurial manner to develop new opportunities for their organizations that capitalize on these trends and insights.
•  Availability: Individual seminar or as our popular combined offering of seminar, workshop and training with the option for ongoing team and / or individual coaching for development of new models for fundraising & stakeholder engagement and / or brand opportunities that leverage The Evolution principles.