TACK10 Group President James Chalmers is back in the office after his weekend away at CSFX and brought with him some incredible insights from the conference. From the importance of music to that of a measurable return on investment, the following takeaways serve as both a reminder and a set of key learnings in this ever evolving world of marketing.

1. The importance of pairing the right music with a brand or property
As we wrote in last week’s blog ahead of CSFX, music and marketing go hand in hand. This message was echoed throughout the event – if you are selling Chevy trucks, classical music may not be the best pairing. At one point during the weekend, a scene from Grease was played on-screen, with John Travolta walking down the street both with music and without. The version without music looked out of place, while in the second version, the music tied the entire scene together.

2. The importance of market vertical exclusivity
Brands and properties alike feel that market vertical exclusivity is extremely important for great long-term partnerships. This comes from the 11th Annual Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study, which was presented and discussed on the final day of CSFX. Don Mayo, Global Managing Partner of IMI International also spoke to this in his presentation.

3. Results need to be quantified
ROI is key in creating partnerships between brands and properties, and being able to accurately measure the impact on established core objectives is a key to success.

4. Digital on its own is not as impactful as it is when combined with traditional advertising
While digital may be a big part of any program, traditional advertising and activation combined with digital has the greatest measurable return based on numerous north American studies. As such, brand properties need to be aware of this and use it to their advantage. One cannot simply transition entire budgets to digital because it does not drive the same level of results as a balanced program.

5. Strategic partnerships are key
Traditional sponsorships still have their place, but Integrated Strategic Partnerships in which brands get to engage guests or consumers, showcasing their core competency, drives the best long-term value for brands, properties and guests/consumers alike.

6. The outlook is positive
The Canadian marketing community is very strong and increasingly progressive. There is a great base built by generations of brilliant marketers and the current guard is passing a vibrant and innovative industry onto a new generation of marketers who are eager to leave the industry in an even stronger position than they are currently receiving it.

7. The future is female
We have always known this, but an event like CSFX showcases just how accomplished and disruptive the female marketers in Canada are. They are running some of the best-performing programs in Canada right now and tend to focus on ensuring the social impact of programs is strong – which is one supporting reason for this success. At TACK10 we are pleased to have some incredibly strong women leading the company’s success. From the junior ranks through to our EVP and Partner Laura Richard; these women are disruptors who challenge the status quo daily and are creating impressive results for our clients!