In this day and age, every company is trying to attract a millennial audience. Millennials are – for the most part –  tech-savvy, knowledgeable about current events and trends, and in the process of discovering where their brand loyalties lie. As such, brands everywhere, including not-for-profits, are developing campaigns aimed at reaching this important segment.

That’s why this week’s TACK10 Tuesday Top is dedicated to the top ways you can connect with a millennial audience through your fundraising campaign (because it’s much more than simply posting about it on #GivingTuesday).

1. Make sure you have a compelling video
Crowdfunding campaigns are a great example of this tip – according to research performed by crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, campaigns with a pitch video raise on average four times more money than those without. People are compelled to donate to a cause when the team behind that cause can tell their story in a visually compelling way. Stop online eyes in their scrolling tracks by grabbing their attention with good video content.

2. Create a participatory campaign with the legs to go viral
Do you remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014? While many thought it to be a silly fad and an excuse for social media users to receive ‘likes,’ the viral campaign actually ended up raising over $115 million for ALS research and that helped uncover the discovery of a gene related to the degenerative disease. Get a millennial audience involved in your cause by enabling them to get physically involved in a participatory campaign.

3. Keep things personalized
If you have a specific target market you’d like to reach for donations, make sure your marketing materials reflect that target. Personalize content as much as possible during your fundraising campaign by shouting out to the groups you’d like to see help from, and make sure to send thanks via email after donations are made, including the name of the person who has contributed to your cause. People love being recognized for the work they do and this is a great way to create repeat contributors.

4. Leverage current trends
This tip is an extension of #4. The tech-savvy millennials who live and work in the digital age are most likely staying up to date on the current trends. That means that in order to engage with this segment, you need to understand these trends and how you can apply them to your campaign. Spark attention within potential millennial donors by leveraging the same trends they’re being exposed to on a daily basis and using them in your materials.

5. Outline potential impact and follow up with results
Much like telling a compelling story through video content is an important aspect of a successful fundraising campaign, so is making your potential donors aware of the impact of their donations. A great way of getting people, especially millennials, invested in your cause is by showing them exactly what kind of difference they could be making by helping you raise funds, as well as giving them the knowledge of where their money has gone.

How have you engaged with new audiences this #GivingTuesday and beyond?