Today’s Tuesday Top post is inspired by the TACK10 team members who work so hard to land partnership opportunities for our clients. Whether it’s for a small start-up or a larger enterprise looking to change direction, these TACK10 executives are always engaged in discussions with brands that make sense and are able to add and share value with the clients at hand. Based on these projects, we’ve come up with five important reminders for when you’re making calls of your own.

1) Perfect your pitch
We all know about elevator pitches. If you can’t describe your company in the time it takes to complete an elevator ride, then you shouldn’t be pitching it at all. Don’t make a single phone call until you’ve revised, rehearsed and revisited your pitch to perfection.

2) Know the ins and outs of the company and individual you’re calling
Just like you shouldn’t make a call until you’ve perfected your pitch, you also shouldn’t call anyone until you’ve perfected your knowledge of their company and personal role within it. Impress the person you’re calling by showing them you’ve done your research, and bring up some of their successes – everyone likes a bit of praise now and then.

3) Figure out the best time to call
Use common sense when it comes to deciding when to make your calls. Do you want to answer your work phone at 5pm on a Friday? That’s most likely the last thing on your list of wants, so don’t make your contacts do it. If you call someone in the morning on a Tuesday and get their voicemail, try them another day in the afternoon to see if that’s a better time to reach them. This tip is all about trial and error.

4) Anticipate questions and concerns
Don’t allow yourself to be caught off guard when on a call. While you’re researching a company on your target list, make sure you’re also thinking about questions they may ask you or concerns they may have based on their previous work. Make yourself a list of all possible questions and qualms so you can impress with your quick answers.

5) Always follow-up in a timely manner
After the phone call, make sure you follow-up via email with any additional information as soon as possible. You don’t want a potential partner to lose interest in your pitch because you fell out of their mind for a week. If you still haven’t been able to reach anyone other than a voicemail, go back to Tip #3 and try following up at a different time of day.

Do you have any phone call tips that get the job done? Share them with us below and at @TACK10Strategy.