You start your day with a coffee meeting, then a couple of impromptu phone calls, a last-minute request from a client, some important emails, more meetings, a handful of internal projects, and before you know it, it’s the end of the day and you have yet to find time to even breathe, let alone finish the rest of the items on your to-do list.

If this sounds familiar (and it probably does), then this week’s TACK10 Tuesday Top is for you. Business people are busy people, and that means keeping up on the latest time saving tips is an important task. Here are the TACK10 Tuesday Top 5 Time Saving Tips for Busy People.

1. If it takes less than two minutes, just do it
This tip comes straight from TACK10 Group President and CEO, James Chalmers. James enjoys starting his day by checking up on his emails. Emails requesting lengthy tasks or higher thought get placed on his to-do list, while notes with quick asks that can take less than two minutes to accomplish are completed right then and there. The same goes for non-emailed tasks as they come up. This ensures you have no wasted space on your list or in your mind for the rest of the day.

2. Communicate and delegate
If you have any tasks that either do not require you specifically, or would be better suited for the skills of someone else in your office, do not be afraid to delegate. Communicate first to ensure the person you trust to accomplish the task has time themselves to do so. You will spend half the amount of time reviewing the work as you would have if you had done it yourself, so be sure to thank your colleague for stepping in when needed!

3. Keep your desk/bag/digital folders organized
Precious time is wasted when you spend it looking for that missing file, or tracking down a pen in your mountain of desk work. A simple solution is to simply stay organized! When each item has its own place on your desk, computer or otherwise, important tools are easy to find and help ensure you start and finish tasks smoothly. Bonus: minimize trips to the coffee machine by using a tall, heat-trapping thermos, or to the garbage can by keeping a small one of your own at your desk.

4. Set designated times to check your email
Email tends to be one of the most notorious sources of wasted time. We all receive them all day long, and it can be stressful to hear the ping of your mail server every few minutes, knowing you have to stop what you are doing to read what is coming in. While it may seem like a quick task to check each new email as it is received, that time builds up. Try designating time every hour, or every few hours, depending on what makes sense for your role, and only read and respond to emails during those periods.

5. Leverage technology
There are countless apps and websites available for you when you need a productivity push. Save time by using Freedom to temporarily block access to social media websites, Brewster to keep an updated list of all of your contacts from your phone, social media websites, business cards, emails and more, or a CRM software like HubSpot to help you keep track of your clients, prospects, tasks and sales in one place.

Do you have any tried and true tips you would like to share? Let us know, and you could be featured in a future TACK10 post!