Social media is arguably one of the most important marketing tools of this generation. No matter the brand, the industry, or the product, having a customer-facing platform to keep people informed and engaged in your message is essential to staying relevant. Below are our Top 5 tips for success on any social media platform.

1) Use a content calendar
Planning out your social media content beforehand is a great way to ensure you’re not being too repetitive in your posts, and that your brand’s message comes across the way you need it to. Beyond planning posts in a calendar, it’s important that you use a scheduling system like Hootsuite so that you can be time-efficient while ensuring the right posts are going out at the right points in the day or week.

2) Call out brands
If your content relates to other brands, or mentions them specifically, make sure you’re calling them out on social media as well. This is a great way to get noticed by these companies and to hopefully get a Like, Share or Re-Tweet in order to be seen by their followers as well.

3) Follow to be followed
Sometimes the only way an online user will see your account is if you show up in their notifications. In order to get more follows by brands and people who may not browse tags, follow them first! Look for the brands that are relevant to yours and be sure to follow their most engaged followers as well.

4) Post photos and short videos
Captivating photos and short, punchy videos catch much more attention than a block of text. You don’t want your content to be skipped over, so make sure it’s always attached to a visual that will attract those who scroll quickly through their news feeds. Much like big blocks of text tend to turn off your followers, long videos typically do the same so keep it as short and catchy as possible.

5) Pay attention to your analytics
Most social media websites come with built-in analytics, so make sure you’re using them to your advantage. See which of your posts get the most engagement from your followers and use that information when planning future content. Re-use the types of posts that work well for you, and re-work or scrap the ones that do not.

Take these tips with you as you work on your social media presence, and don’t forget to incorporate the great content tips we’ve shared in past blog posts like our TACK10 Tuesday Top 5 Content Goals. As always, reach out to us on social media via @TACK10Strategy with your own tips, or ways in which ours have helped!