Happy New Year! Now that we are three whole days into 2017, and many of us are working on New Year’s Resolutions both personal and professional, it’s important to have a strategy in place to do so. Productivity is crucial any time of year, but the beginning of January, symbolic of a new start, provides a good foundation for an efficiency upgrade. Here are our TACK10 Tuesday Top 5 Productivity Tips for 2017.

1. Revisit your strategy
The New Year is a great excuse for revisiting your business plan and fixing anything that may have held your brand back in the previous year. This may include some or all of the next tips below, or it may include a completely new and inventive business strategy. We saw so much innovation in 2016, and 2017 should be no different; don’t hold yourself or your business back in terms of new ideas and ways of going about your goals. Productivity can be stumped if ideas don’t come to fruition for fear of failure. Use the New Year as a complete strategy makeover if need be.

2. Declutter
A New Year’s Resolution for many is always to declutter; either to physically declutter your desk, to mentally declutter your thoughts through relaxation, or to declutter your life in terms of unnecessary responsibilities or stresses. Think of decluttering as a productivity hack this year, and make the task of getting things done easier on yourself through different exercises that clear your physical and mental spaces. Keep a notebook of only the most important tasks in a day; clean your desk at the end of every day, leaving only what is related to the next day’s work; stop putting off software updates or the purchase of new computer accessories that will ultimately save you time and effort.

3. Give your seat a rest
We know now that sitting down for your entire eight-or-more-hour day is not a healthy option for your body, or for your mind. If you find you often hit a midday productivity slump, don’t opt automatically for a coffee or a Facebook break – try working while standing up for a while. If your workplace provides space to move around or time to exercise during lunch, take advantage of your options and give your chair a rest. Not only will your body get some much needed activity, but you will give yourself the energy push needed to get through your task list.

4. Leverage technology
How can you best use the latest trends in technology to your professional advantage? If your brand has been lacking in social media engagement, 2017 is the year to revamp your content marketing strategy and leverage the many innovative digital options that are out there for you. Implement video use or live broadcasting, create your own hashtag campaign, or simply explore different social media platforms gaining popularity.

Productivity apps are also plenty and serve as great tools in working toward your goals for the new year. Try one of the apps mentioned in this previous TACK10 Tuesday Top.

5. Find a partner
Engaging in strategic partnerships is always a great way to achieve your objectives faster and with more value added… talk about productive! In 2017, think of how different partners could help you achieve your business resolutions, and make it a goal to approach a certain number of potential partners throughout the year. The whole point of a strategic partnership is to leverage each side’s skills to work towards common objectives. Share the load this year and find a partner to help you become more productive.