You’ve made a video and you’ve written good content for your crowdfunding campaign page – but is that really enough?

This week we’ll take you through the top five most important puzzle pieces you need to create a compelling crowdfunding campaign, using a campaign that launched just this morning as an example. PINCH Safe Outlet (PINCH) is an innovative new outlet cover that requires a two-handed pinching manoeuvre to operate – something a small child cannot do, thus preventing them from sticking their fingers, plugs, or other foreign objects into an open socket. Let’s take a look at PINCH’s Indiegogo campaign and see what makes it so great.

1) It has a catchy title with an exclamation mark.


Right away, the title of your campaign should show the viewer a snippet including the name of your product, what it does and who will benefit from it. This can be hard to do in 50 characters or less, so it’s important to use key action words that will give a solid idea of what your campaign is about while still enticing the viewer to keep scrolling and learn more. Exclamation marks add punchiness to your title and show the viewer that you’re passionate and excited about your product, helping the viewer feel the same way!

2) It has a featured perk for the first 50 backers.


It doesn’t have to be for the first 50, but for whatever number of supporters makes sense for your specific campaign. Having an Early Bird discount as a Featured Perk grabs the attention of potential contributors right away and limiting the number of recipients ensures backers will act fast, bringing your funds raised as close to your goal as possible within the first few days of your campaign.

3) It shows which organizations have supported or featured the product.


If your campaign hasn’t been featured anywhere online by the time you launch, chances are you won’t find as much traction because not as many eyes have been on your product. Reaching out personally to influencers is an important step in the crowdfunding journey and can also lead to successful partnerships down the road. Once your product has been featured online, make sure to thank writers by linking back to them in your campaign, and show your contributors that your product is legitimate, credible and has value to industry players.

4) It has custom graphics and charts.


Customizing your campaign through original charts, headings and other graphics shows campaign viewers that you’ve put time and effort into your campaign. It’s also much more visually appealing than keeping the automatic layout Indiegogo provides, and can be a way to show off your creative side. Using colours from your logo throughout your page ties the entire package together and ensures your campaign is fully representative of your product and what it stands for.

5) It shows the team that helped bring the product to the crowdfunding level.


Personalizing a campaign is a great way to connect with potential contributors and including the faces of your team does just that. A ‘Meet the Team’ section acts as a thank-you to everyone who helped bring your product to its campaign stage, and shows the viewer that there are real people behind the project who are passionate about its success.

These of course are not the only aspects of this campaign that make it so compelling. The backstory, the content, and the product itself all play a part in the puzzle, but these extra pieces add a level of excitement to the campaign. Try them out while building your next Indiegogo or Kickstarter page and see how they help you reach your crowdfunding goals.