Summer 2017 has been the summer of artificial intelligence, with companies from various industries testing the AI waters to develop new solutions for clients, customers, online audiences and the general public. Through the emergence of these new uses of AI, we have been able to see just how far this technology go in delivering on the needs of many audience segments. Below are the TACK10 Tuesday Top 5 New Uses for AI that we have witnessed this summer alone.

1. Chatbots with Estée Lauder
A number of brands have embraced artificial intelligence and augmented reality together this summer as a way to personalize chatbots and make customer interaction more immersive, including prestige beauty brand Estée Lauder. With Facebook Messenger as the housing platform for the brand’s automatic helpline, Estée Lauder’s chatbot not only answers customer inquiries, but allows those interested to try on makeup shades with no more than a selfie. This is becoming a trend that Estée Lauder’s partnering company ModiFace focuses on entirely.

2. Audience Engagement and Satire with SiriusXM
In promotion of its upcoming Top Comic competition, SiriusXM has leveraged AI as an entertaining way to engage with audiences and relate to the Top Comic 2017 slogan: “Stand-up comedy is often imitated, sometimes duplicated, and never automated.” As users request topics through Twitter, Top Comic’s AI device named Keith replies with auto-generated jokes related to the chosen topic. The jokes are meant to be less than funny, directing viewers to the Top Comic website in order to experience real comedy and vote for their Top Comic pick.

3. B2B with Salesforce
Popular CRM and cloud-computing solution Salesforce has been developing AI components to integrate with its products, the latest of which is Einstein Vision, an image recognition software for marketers. Through Einstein Vision, marketers can search for imagery of how their branding appears in posts and at events, and measure reach, sentiment, effectiveness and more. This AI-powered tool is now fully integrated into Salesforce Social Studio, leading to easy use by marketers already leveraging Salesforce in their daily work.

4. Finance with Symbility
Symbility Solutions, a software company that offers insurance providers a platform to manage claims, has partnered with AI company to make that claims process simpler. By providing more accurate assessments and estimates, and automating data collection, the platform solves numerous pain points that arise during the internal claims process for Symbility users. This partnership is one of the first of its kind in the insurance industry, which is just starting to truly adopt the help of AI platforms.

5. Marketing and Advertising with McCann
Advertising agency McCann Japan launched a friendly competition this year between two in-house creative directors – one a human, and the other AI-powered. The AI-CD leveraged a database of past successful campaigns in Japan to give direction to a team of creatives, who then developed a commercial based on the ideas from the machine. Their commercial was put up against the one that came from human ideation in an online vote, and barely lost. 54% of the vote went to the human-made commercial and 46% went to that of the AI-CD. This test shows just how creative, and appealing to the masses, artificial intelligence can be when it resorts to past success.

Have you witnessed AI in new or unique ways this summer? Share your experience with us in the comments below!