Now almost halfway through 2017, this year has seen a number of interactive, interesting, and innovative advertising campaigns. This past weekend in particular, brands have emerged with some of the most creative and on-brand Mother’s Day advertisements we have seen to date. While some may have taken the creativity too far (Skittles seems to have creeped out more consumers than made them crave candy), the following five have stepped up to launch impressive campaigns. Be sure to check out each advertisement for a dose of humour, hope, or a tug at the heartstrings.

1. Brawny: Once a Mother, Always a Giant
What makes this advertisement from Brawny Paper Towels so innovative is in its use of technology to create the commercial. “Once a Mother, Always a Giant” was shot using Spectacles, the camera-enabled glasses by Snapchat. Brawny put Spectacles on four toddlers so that they could get point of view shots of mothers chasing real kids, fixing real ‘boo-boos’ and cleaning real messes – with Brawny products, of course. The “Always a Giant’ tagline comes directly from the brand’s slogan, and fits naturally with the points of view of the children shooting the ad, who see their mothers as the gentle giants ready to rescue them from life’s messes.

2. Pampers: Midnight Mother’s Day
Pampers went for a heartwarming approach this Mother’s Day, targeting mothers of newborns by launching an advertisement that was shown only between the hours of midnight and 5am this past Sunday. The reasoning behind this strategy is simple to understand for new mothers, who are typically awake during those hours to care for their babies. The approach is an incredibly smart one for Pampers, who has a chance at becoming the first to wish these mothers their very first Happy Mother’s Day, being present in what must be an emotional time.

3. American Greetings: Tattoo
While some people throw away greeting cards after opening them, others keep them tucked away as mementos, saving the important messages from loved ones to re-read in the future. With American Greetings’ Mother’s Day ad “Tattoo,” the brand is targeting both types of people – showing each group that while a card is just a card, it is a channel that can deliver great meaning in the right moment. In the advertisement, a woman takes a line from a card given to her by her late mother, memorializing her by having it tattooed in her handwriting.

3a. Mount Pleasant Group: Tattoo
In a strange set of events, Mount Pleasant Group took the same creative approach to its Mother’s Day campaign as American Greetings, with both ads mirroring each other almost shot-for-shot (right down to the main character’s outfit). Like American Greetings’ ad, Mount Pleasant Group features a woman getting a tattoo of her late mother’s handwriting. The advertisement is more somber than the former, but that comes as expected from a funeral services company. Joy, the woman in the ad, has her tattoo ink mixed with her mother’s ashes – an unconventional method but one that is used by Mount Pleasant Group to tell its story of “Simple Alternative Funerals,” supporting people who remember their loved ones in any way they choose.

4. Prostate Cancer Canada: The Alternatives: Your Mom
As part of a larger campaign aiming to take away the embarrassment of getting checked for prostate cancer, Prostate Cancer Canada took an interesting approach to advertising around Mother’s Day. Using humour to inform and promote doctor’s visits, this brief and to-the-point video has a man’s mother preparing to check his prostate as an alternative to his doctor. While the advertisement may make its audience slightly uncomfortable (like the Skittles spot), it does so in a lighter fashion, with humour, and with an important message attached to it.

5. SickKids: VS. MomStrong
While it has been circulating for some time now, and we have featured it in past blogs, SickKids’ “MomStrong” advertisement has to make this list for its compelling message. The overall “VS.” campaign featuring the strength of children under care at SickKids has inspired viewers by moving away from the hospital’s traditionally sad approach and leaning toward more feelings of hope. With “MomStrong,” SickKids showcases to the world the strength of mothers facing their children’s illnesses alongside them, and the key part played by SickKids in that journey.