Do you travel long distances to get to work every morning? So do some of us here at TACK10, so we’ve compiled a short list of our favourite ways to wind down on the way to work.

1) Bring a book: This is for the transit commuters out there. Take advantage of a quiet early morning train and bust out that book you haven’t had time to finish (or even start, for that matter). Escaping into an interesting business book or learning something new in a how-to read will help you relax and get your brain reset for a day at the office.

2) Have a “Good morning” chat: If you’re someone easily annoyed by radio commercials or just can’t find anything good to listen to, use your vehicle’s Bluetooth capabilities to talk to a loved one on your drive in. That extra “Have a good day!” might go a long way. If your car isn’t equipped with Bluetooth, skip the chat, but opt for music from your smartphone, your favourite Podcast, or roll down the windows and enjoy the natural sounds around you.

3) Make friends: If you find you see the same people on your train, streetcar, subway or bus every day, introduce yourself. Some people like to keep to themselves in the early hours of the morning, but having a common topic to complain about allows you to let out some steam before you get to the office. For that, your coworkers will thank you. Plus, who knows what business relationships could evolve and what new opportunities might present themselves based on who you meet.

4) Leave early: If you find yourself cursing at highway traffic on your drive to work every day, it may be beneficial to leave earlier than you usually do. Sure, some extra sleep makes everyone happy in the morning, but a constant worry of whether or not you’ll be on time is stressful. Plus, if traffic happens to be moving well one morning, you could have enough time to stop for a breakfast treat or some last-minute coffee date networking.

5) Be productive: If you’re heading to work worrying about those loose ends you had no time to tie up last night, get them done while taking transit. If your train or subway isn’t equipped with WiFi, make notes of what you get done so that you can easily transfer them first thing when you arrive at work. Finishing some quick projects on the way in will set you up for a successful day.