With Father’s Day just five days away, brands are celebrating Dad. Father’s Day campaigns take on a number of different approaches each year, from goofy to emotional. The following brands have implemented either a creative flair, an interesting element, or a truly authentic approach to their campaigns this year, making them great case studies for our TACK10 Tuesday Top 5 Father’s Day Campaigns.

1. Canadian Tire: Gifts Dads Really Want
While Canadian Tire’s approach to Father’s Day is more of a traditional one, leveraging the stereotype that dads never actually ask for (or get) what they want as gifts, the brand does so in a multi-channel fashion. The entire campaign is made up of television commercials, online video, a social media component featuring comic strips about the lighthearted frustration of a dad that wants “nothing,” and a dedicated page on the Canadian Tire website that facilitates sales by different price points and interests.

2. Prostate Cancer Canada: Plaid for Dad
As a Father’s Day campaign that aims to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research and spread awareness of the disease, Plaid for Dad is a great multi-layer initiative that sees individuals and workplaces across the country wearing plaid shirts throughout the month of June. Like any awareness campaign, the message is simple: wear plaid, raise money, and spread the message. Participants can also host a family barbecue (with a plaid dress code, of course) or donate directly on the Plaid for Dad website, which lives as its own page separate from Prostate Cancer Canada’s. The campaign has a number of partners, from Hudson’s Bay Company with its exclusive Father’s Day plaid shirts, to Aeroplan for contesting.

3. SickKids: VS. DadStrong
SickKids’ Mother’s Day commercial MomStrong, starring real mothers of children receiving treatment at the hospital, was impactful because of the emotion expressed by the moms featured. In its latest piece of the overarching VS campaign, SickKids turns the camera to dads to show how fatherhood is a full time job. The ad features one father in particular, who works as an electrician during the day and then heads to SickKids for “the night shift,” to be with his sick daughter. Like the MomStrong commercial, DadStrong points viewers to GetBetterGifts.ca, where they can donate to provide gifts for SickKids families like glider chairs, movie nights and cooking courses.

4. Brookstone: We’ve Got Your Father
Leveraging its position as a speciality retailer with a wide range of product collections, Brookstone has launched a list of Top Father’s Day Gifts for 2017 as a part of its We’ve Got Your Father campaign, to help customers find that perfect gift no matter what interests they are shopping for. Much like Canadian Tire, this campaign takes a more traditional approach to Father’s Day marketing, but the authenticity of the brand and its value proposition shines through. Plus, its 64 pages of gift options should give anyone at least an idea of what buy.

5. London Health Sciences Foundation: Proud to Call You Dad
London Health Sciences Foundation’s Father’s Day campaign is an excellent example of a cause landing page created for a very simple and specific reason: to donate in honour of Dad. The above-the-fold of the page incites a feeling of nostalgia with an old photo of a father and child, and features a large Donate button beside a countdown to the end of the campaign, sending the message to not only donate, but to donate now. The page goes into a personal story and call to action, and then further information about where donation dollars will go.

How do these campaigns stack up to our list of TACK10 Tuesday Top 5 Mother’s Day Campaigns from last month? Let us know what you think by commenting below or on social media @TACK10Strategy.