Content should never be written for the simple sake of writing it. Good content marketing has a reason behind it, whether that is to drive sales, traffic, or time spent on your pages. In order to accomplish these high level objectives, there are specific goals you should be focusing on within each piece of content you create. Using AOL’s content marketing strategy as inspiration, we’ve come up with our Top 5:

1) Your content should inspire
Readers react to content that inspires them. Think of yourself as the best example. Would you personally want to read a page full of hard-hitting information about fintech, or would you rather read content about the same topic but with a personal angle that inspires you to use financial apps to their greatest potential? Keep this in mind when writing your content so that you focus less on the technical information and more on how your readers can use that information.

2) Your content should entertain
Consumers look at online content the most when they have down time or need a quick break. Provide them with something that will entertain them and keep their eyes on your page instead of something flashier. Integrate multimedia into your content marketing – photos, short videos, polls, graphics – to catch your readers’ attention while on social media and to hold it while on your website. We all need a mental break here and there and good content that entertains provides just that.

3) Your content should interest
After consuming your content, your readers should be interested enough in the topic that they want to learn more or ask related questions to themselves or their colleagues. This can promote engagement through comments and social media shares. Some content needs to be less flashy and more informative – but that doesn’t mean you can’t write it in a way that is current and provides new or unique insights.

4) Your content should evoke positive feelings
Would you return to a website that made you feel negative about the content it provided? Probably not. The overall message of your content marketing should be a positive one. That doesn’t mean you need to shy away from discussing controversial topics, however, as controversy often piques interest and drives clicks. When commenting on controversial matters, make sure your readers know their views are welcomed by your team and invite them to comment.

5) Your content should promise consistency
Because you’ve inspired, entertained, piqued interest, and evoked positive feelings, your consumers want more! Use a consistent schedule so that your readers know when your next piece of content will become available to them, and promise there will be more coming by creating multi-part series or calls to action that ask the reader to provide their thoughts to be used in a future post.

Focus on these top five content goals the next time you take pen to paper and see how they work in accomplishing your overarching business objectives. Do you have a specific or unique goal you try to accomplish within your content creation process? Let us know through social media at @TACK10Strategy.