As our country’s 150th anniversary quickly approaches at the end of this week, Canadians are being exposed to a massive number of activations, creative campaigns, and exclusive product launches all centered around the theme of celebrating Canada’s confederation.

Some of the largest-scale Canada 150 celebrations have, to no surprise, been developed out of a collaboration between brands. These national strategic partnerships have allowed parties to activate in ways that may not have been possible had they conceptualized their unique celebration without help from other aligned brands. This week’s TACK10 Tuesday Top takes a look at five of these exceptionally developed Canada 150 collaborations, all of which have been able to take their Canada 150 celebrations from coast to coast through partnership.

1. Stand for Canada
An integrated activation launched by CIBC in celebration of not only Canada’s 150th anniversary, but the bank’s as well, the Stand for Canada campaign has taken the shape of online engagement through user-generated content, digital integration, and large-scale out-of-home marketing. Stand for Canada installations across the country have become celebratory photo opportunities and more; the installation at Toronto Pearson Airport, just one Stand for Canada partner, acts as a meeting point and a “welcome home” message to Canadians and newcomers alike.

Because of the shared anniversary year between Canada and CIBC, the bank’s celebrations have also included partnerships with Ottawa 2017, CBC, Parks Canada, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Royal Canadian Mint, and an ambassador relationship with NHL MVP Connor McDavid.

SESQUI is an interactive Canada 150 program made up of a 360-degree theatre experience, virtual reality, education materials, online games and quizzes, and touring activations, all with the intention of promoting Canadian arts, culture and experiences. The brand itself was developed with Canada 150 at its core, and all aspects of the celebratory program reflect that. Through the use of innovative technology, SESQUI is able to shine a light on important Canadian values, stories and landscapes.

With the Canadian Government as a main funding partner, and subsequent partnerships with Ontario 150, CBC and Facebook, SESQUI is able to take its 360-degree film Horizon across the country.

3. Canada Mosaic
Another Canadian organization expanding its programming to a national level in celebration of Canada 150 is the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO), who has developed a travelling show titled Canada Mosaic in partnership with numerous other orchestras and ensembles from coast to coast. With these partner orchestras, the TSO has created over 40 new works that have been presented at venues all across Canada and broadcast through PBS and Rogers Video on Demand.

Through another media partnership with OMNI Television, the TSO celebrates diversity in Canada by presenting O Canada in 12 languages, each broadcast on their respective OMNI channels. Without this broadcast partnership with OMNI, or the partner orchestras involved in Canada Mosaic, the celebratory programs would not have nearly as large of an impact or footprint.

4. 150 Play List
ParticipACTION, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire Canadians to get active by sitting less and moving more, has been celebrating its Canadian roots this year with the 150 Play List – a list of 150 activities Canadians can do to get up and move. Activities range from pillow fighting and fruit picking, to sailing and field hockey. Each time a registered Play List user participates in one of the 150 activities, he or she is given a chance to win a range of prizes from ParticipACTION and 150 Play List partners.

For Canadians who require a bit more motivation to complete their activities, ParticipACTION has been travelling across the country with 150 Play List Tour Stops, encouraging the public to come out and take part in as many activities as possible with the organization’s Play List Crew. ParticipACTION has over 40 program partners to help facilitate each activity, as well as partners contributing to the cause through media and contest rewards.

5. Red Racer Across the Nation
It is often said, perhaps stereotypically, that enjoying a cold beer is one of the most Canadian past-times out there. To celebrate that, a number of beer brands have taken part in Canada 150 celebrations (like Steam Whistle in partnership with Hudson’s Bay Company). One brewery in particular, Surrey-based Central City Brewers + Distillers, has partnered with fellow breweries across the country to create a special edition variety pack of its popular Red Racer beer. Working with brands from 12 different provinces and territories (all except Nunavut), Central City and its partners have developed 12 unique recipes that each reflect their specific region.

The beers are bottled and sold in variety 12-packs across the country, and are available for tasting at each of the partnering breweries. For a small craft brewery from Vancouver, expanding a product line across Canada may be difficult, but with the help of national partners, it becomes possible – and successful.