In a world where consumers are constantly on their mobile devices and are increasingly experiencing brands in a small screen format, large-scale out-of-home (OOH) advertising is still widely used – and highly effective. This week’s TACK10 Tuesday Top explores the top 5 reasons to develop a strong OOH advertising strategy.

1. OOH can be experiential
Your brand’s audience is already participating in an outdoor activity. Whether that is walking to work, going grocery shopping, or walking the dog, the people who are viewing your advertising are actively experiencing something. Developing an engaging OOH advertising campaign can add to that experience. Moving beyond billboards and signage, interactive activations are excellent examples of strategic OOH advertising that can make an impact.

2. The ability to target and personalize messaging is strong
Much like a social media campaign allows your brand to target specific groups of users based on their demographics and unique habits, OOH advertising allows you to target based on physical location. Leveraging the consumer profile you want to target in your advertising, the activation or piece of creative can be specifically placed and personalized to fit the audience in that location. The effect of this can be more immediate than with social media because of the physical, in-the-moment nature of the activation.

3. Your brand can intercept people on the move
The goal of any creative OOH advertising campaign should be to intercept people on the move, grabbing their attention. This objective in a way forces you to explore your team’s creativity in order for your campaign to stand out among the masses. Similarly, a good OOH advertising campaign can hold the attention of a captive audience, whether they be on a train, waiting in line, stuck in traffic, or simply sitting on a park bench.

4. There are multiple avenues and channels to explore
OOH campaigns may take the form of digital screens, billboards, interactive activations, site takeovers, or any combination. This allows a brand to catch consumers in a variety of ways and in a variety of places within one campaign if it makes sense to do so with the target in mind. Intercepting your audience out of their homes means being creative, and that creativity can take shape in the channels used throughout the campaign.

5. If implemented correctly, your brand can “wow”
Good OOH advertising strategies have the ability to “wow” those who get to experience them if they are implemented in the correct places and in the right ways. Flexing your brand’s creative muscles to explore different channels and to develop content that speaks to yours and your audience’s objectives means creating a real impact for those experiencing your campaign. Take, for example, the promotion of the 2016 Ghostbusters film shown in the above image. What could have been a simple movie poster turned into an exciting 3D creative with a “wow” factor for those who witnessed it.