In 2017, it is far from unusual for a business to be using social media accounts for promotion, content marketing, sales and more. There are however some brands that are leveraging the power of social media to create unique experiences for their audience, to display their work more creatively, or even to recruit talented employees. Take a look at the TACK10 Tuesday Top 4 Unique Uses of Social Media you may have never thought of before.

1. Virtual Activations
Cadillac Canada recently experimented with an innovative way to activate through Instagram. Focusing on interactivity and experiential marketing, Cadillac took to the streets of Montreal and allowed their Instagram followers to choose the driver’s route. On the brand’s Instagram page were photos of four arrows – users could “like” one of the arrows to help decide where the car would steer next. This online activation was used to market the new Cadillac XT5, of which a lease was the grand prize for one of the campaign’s participants.

Moving to an online activation model has the power to promote interactivity during more and longer time frames than traditional experiential marketing, and can lead to a growth in online followings/new customers.

2. Live Streams
Live Streams have been around on our televisions and, more recently, our Facebook pages for some time now but groups are starting to use them in unique ways. Take, for instance, Shia LaBeouf’s current four-year art project entitled “He Will Not Divide Us,” a live stream the actor and a group of creatives set up in New York in protest of American President Donald Trump. One camera is mounted to the wall of the Museum of the Moving Image and, if things go as planned, will remain there until the end of Trump’s presidency, allowing those in opposition of the President to voice their opinions.

While not a brand per se, LaBeouf and his team may have opened up a new type of marketing for creative companies willing to step outside the box and market their products or services live for the world to see in real-time.

3. Creative Insta-Layouts
Instagram is a great tool for any visually heavy brand or product, since the natural use of the app is for photo sharing. A number of users are taking the app’s capabilities one step further by literally stepping outside the box – the boxed layout of Instagram, that is. Traditionally used as small square thumbnails to document individual photos, many are expanding their limits to create full-page visuals. One excellent example is the Instagram account for the Netflix Original show The OA. Before the show was launched on Netflix, this beautiful but haunting Instagram account teased its contents by publishing strangely angled, full-width and flowing images from the show, leading to even more anticipation for The OA to become available. Stepping outside of the creative norm on social media is a great way to cultivate a deeper interest in your brand and its upcoming projects.

4. Hiring Practices
Food delivery service GrubHub recently used the power of Snapchat’s reach to recruit for a social media internship. What is the best way to find out if a candidate actually has experience using Snapchat if it is a requirement for the job? Ask them to send you their very best Snapchat art and see if it lives up to your standards! This is exactly what GrubHub did. The company was clearly searching for a specific set of applicants – those who use social media channels like Snapchat and are capable of creatively expressing themselves. Applicants also had to formally apply through GrubHub’s website, but the Snapchat application was used for consideration. By leveraging a social media channel to search for a social media team, brands are ensuring they recruit the employees who will deliver their message the best.