As you know if you’ve been following our blog, strategic partnerships are at the heart of what we focus on at TACK10. We love seeing brands connect with one another, sharing their assets and contributing to the overall satisfaction of their consumers. Every now and then we like to do a round-up of great partnerships we’ve either heard about or worked on ourselves, and discuss what makes them great. Here are the highlights in this week’s list:

1. CIBC and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure is the largest single-day event in Canada in support of the breast cancer cause. The volunteer-lead event saw over 100,000 participants last year and raised an estimated $17 million dollars towards breast cancer research. CIBC partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation 20 years ago as a part of its corporate social responsibility initiative and has stayed on as title sponsor ever since. That’s what makes this partnership so great – the constant, positive work both brands have been a part of.

2. Intellitix and Human Equation for WayHome
If you’ve been to a music festival in the last few years, you most likely would have noticed a change in the way payments are processed at food, drink and merchandise venues throughout the festival grounds. Intellitix, the leading provider of cashless payment technologies, has been working with big name festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland and WayHome to make payment processing easier through the use of RFID wristbands. With WayHome, Intellitix took its services one step further by partnering with digital marketing firm Human Equation to create interactive brand activations through the festival, offering guests another level of brand engagement and excitement at the event.

3. Spotify and Uber
Spotify seems to be doing all the right things, having been mentioned in a handful of our blog posts lately for its innovative strategic partnerships. This alliance with Uber is no different. In 2014, the two brands came together to offer Uber users the chance to control the music in their rides. Before hailing an Uber, a user would connect their Uber app to their Spotify account and could then, if matched with a music-enabled vehicle, select a playlist to commence as soon as the ride did. Users could then put their phones away and enjoy the music, or control it using either their Uber or Spotify app. This partnership brought Spotify into the hands of Uber users, and vice versa, providing a new customer base for both.

4. Coca Cola and World Wildlife Fund
Coca Cola and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have been partnered together since 2007, working on a variety of initiatives all surrounding water conservation. One of their biggest projects within this realm is the Arctic Home Campaign, which launched in 2011 and raised over $3 million within its first two years of operation. Through Coca Cola’s partnership with WWF and the many initiatives they’ve started over the years, the soft drink giant was able to achieve the title of ‘First Fortune 500 Company to Replenish All the Water it Uses Globally’ just this year, balancing the equivalent amount of water used in their global sales volume back into nature and across communities.

Do you know of a specific brand partnership that has found success, or even one that needs some work? Would you like to share your first-hand experience with strategic partnerships, either good or bad? Let us know through @TACK10Strategy or in the comments below.