HTC, known primarily for its sleek Android smartphones and tablets, is quickly becoming one of the most innovative and progressive technology companies. In 2015, HTC partnered with entertainment software company Valve to co-create VIVE, the VR headset with a long list of features including camera, base station and controls, room-scale technology, and more.

Since then, HTC and Valve have developed the VIVE Ecosystem Conference; a gathering of the world’s leaders and experts in VR technology. At the 2017 VIVE Ecosystem Conference, which kicked off yesterday in Shenzhen, China, HTC announced four new strategic partnerships it will explore in the near future.

1. Warner Bros.
In perhaps the most exciting of the announcements for American consumers, HTC confirmed that it will start working with Warner Bros. as a way of both pushing awareness of VR technologies and promoting Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie Ready Player One. In its nature, this partnership is beneficial to both sides, and has a very clear fit. Heavy themes of gaming and virtual reality fill the plot of Ready Player One.

2. Government of Shenzhen
There is interest in making Shenzhen a hub for virtual reality research and innovation – so much so, that the government has entered into a strategic partnership with HTC to develop what has been named the International VR Research Institute. According to a press release, this is where HTC and the Shenzhen government “will work together to enable new breakthroughs across various areas of VR including devices, technologies, industry applications, and big data, with the objective to drive the transformation and upgrade of relevant industries.”

3. Qingdao Publishing Group
HTC partnerships are even coming up in the education industry. With its VIVEPAPER technology, HTC will work alongside Qingdao Publishing Group to spearhead a school program that includes “VR Reading and Innovative Education.” The program will be aimed at major schools across China in the coming years, with the potential to reach international audiences in the future. It will help distribute VR education content and services to these schools as well as libraries and bookstores, expanding the accessibility of the technology and all there is to learn about it.

GOME is the largest home appliance retail store in China. Leveraging the brand’s massive footprint and audience reach, HTC has partnered with GOME to drive the growth of VR in different consumer markets. Through this partnership, HTC VIVE becomes the exclusive VR partner of GOME, bringing VR technology into its stores – giving the regular consumer a glimpse into the world of VR, while adding a new level of experience to the retail journey.

These new strategic partnerships, each unique in their own ways, have the potential to provide HTC with even more momentum to create innovative products, services and programs in the VR industry. The future is bright for the company on the forefront of both technology and partnership creation.