Brands that can stop a consumer in his or her tracks with one unique piece of creative are advertising properly. Oftentimes, leveraging emotions like fear or shock is what takes an advertisement from bland to powerful and leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. The following four pieces of recent advertising come from brands who were not afraid to incite real, raw emotions in their audience – even if that means using the fear factor.

1. Metrolinx “Killer View”

Metrolinx is just one of our clients at TACK10 doing amazing advertising work. If you have been in a GO train or station recently, or have seen Metrolinx content online, you maybe have been stopped by the company’s current safety campaign, showing imagery of accidents waiting to happen. This ad in particular incites a moment of fear at first take. By placing the viewer in the driver’s seat, Metrolinx is making a personal connection and sharing an important message that could have clear consequences if ignored.

2. TSSA “The Silent Killer”

While this ad may not scare its viewer at first glance like that of Metrolinx (unless that viewer is terrified of horror films), it does promote a powerful message and direct its audience to learn more about the dangers of carbon monoxide with a clear call to action. By using the horror movie poster motif, the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) strikes interest and draws in the attention of the viewer, while showing the dangers of carbon monoxide in a simple way.

3. SOS Violence Conjugale “Bouquet”

SOS Violence Conjugale is an organization based out of Montreal that provides help and resources to victims of domestic violence, so it comes as no surprise that the organization would create an advertisement against just that. Where the shock factor comes in with this piece is in the creative itself – a bouquet of fists, symbolizing a bouquet of roses given as a gift from an abuser to his or her victim. When the message is received, a sense of “wow” can be felt. “Bouquet” is the perfect example of an advertisement that uses simple yet powerful imagery to pass on a heavy message.

4. SickKids “MomStrong”

The latest commercial from SickKids earned a mention in last week’s blog post about the use of real emotion in marketing and the troubles Pepsi has faced in not doing so. “MomStrong” is such a powerful piece of advertising that it deserves yet another mention this week. The emotional factor in this advertisement is in a different tone that the other three that made the cut, but still makes its audience step back and come closer to understanding the pain felt by the families of sick children, inciting another “wow” by watching.

Do you have a good example of a brand who is not afraid to leverage a fear or shock factor in their advertising work? Let us know by commenting or reaching out on social media @TACK10Strategy.