Engaging brands in strategic partnerships brings forth a plethora of benefits to both your company and your partners’, no matter what your shared goals may be. Not only are there the possibilities of added revenue, activation opportunities, or simply a key player on your side working through strategy kinks, but there are specific benefits that arise when a particular objective is worked upon through a partnership.

If your brand is going into a digital re-haul, thinking of how to use emerging technologies to your advantage, or starting a new communications campaign, here are the top three unique ways in which a strategic partnership can benefit you.

1. Your partner’s skills can complement yours
If your brand is hoping to engage an online audience through a digital campaign but you aren’t equipped with an in-house creative team, explore a strategic partnership with a similar brand who is known for their digital content creation and dissemination. The best partnerships are the ones where both parties can share their unique strengths to create something new and of high quality. A strategic partner with strong communication channels will bring your digital strategy to a level you never thought possible with your brand alone.

2. You can leverage each other’s followers and customer databases
Partnering with a brand that has a similar target audience as you do is a smart strategy for growth. The same can be said for your digital strategy. Leverage your partner’s online following when deciding who to target with your digital campaign, or simply follow and reach out to your partner’s most engaged followers on your own social media channels so that you become visible to them. Your values should be aligned with the brands you partner with, meaning their followers should be interested in your messaging as well.

Through a strategic partnership, you also have access to integration through your partner’s customer database. A partner can help your digital strategy by sharing your content through their mailing list, loyalty programs and more, expanding that audience even further.

3. You can collaborate for better quality content
Everyone knows that better ideas come from collaboration. The easiest way to facilitate a brainstorm on techniques to better engage an audience through a digital strategy is with a strategic partner! This is because the foundation of any good strategic partnership is the ongoing collaboration that occurs between parties. Using a strategic partner in your digital strategy means there will always be that second voice sharing valuable ideas for your campaign. As they say, two heads are better than one. And two brands leading a digital campaign are definitely more valuable than going at it alone.