One of the most fully integrated conferences out there, C2 Montreal did not disappoint last week with its highly visual, multi-channel, and intellectually inspiring event. TACK10 President James Chalmers was on site at the beautiful Arsenal building from Wednesday, May 24th until Friday, May 26th, soaking in all of what C2 (which stands for Commerce and Creativity) had to offer. From Braindates to immersive art, we have gathered the Top 3 Takeaways from C2 – not necessarily related to the content of the incredible speakers and workshops, but to the overall C2 experience.

1. #C2Braindates
Developed by peer-learning innovators E-180, the Braindate is a curated one-on-one session with another person, focusing on a specific topic on which one or both sides of the conversation can provide valuable insights. Much like a strategic partnership, event-goers who participate in Braindates choose wisely who they will engage with, and co-develop a give-and-take style of conversation that results in further understanding of the topic at hand. By leveraging the power of the Braindate, a large-scale industry conference like C2 is able to add another layer of value into its programming. This creates more room for guest engagement, and increases the level of multi-channel integration throughout the event.

The key learning taken from C2 Braindates is the importance of treating every interaction, whether it is a traditional business conversation or not, with a certain level of professionalism and intelligence. You never know which engagement may prove to be extremely valuable, and which nuggets of information you can pull from what seem like even the least valuable of interactions.

2. Innovation in the way we work
As technology changes, so does the way we work. The act of sitting at a desk from 9am until 5pm is becoming increasingly less popular, with more and more workplaces adopting flexible hours, comfortable seating arrangements, and walk-and-talk meetings to promote creativity and employee engagement. C2 knows this, and has taken the idea of a non-traditional workplace to the next level. Meeting rooms suspended from the air, indoor rainforests, 360-degree stages, and aquariums big enough to house humans are just some of the creative environments developed by the C2 team.

The kay takeaway from the innovative work environments at C2 is that good ideas do not always come from within – sometimes, they come from our outer experiences. A blank canvas may allow you to imagine limitless possibilities, but a creative environment will help inspire specific creative points that may lead to your million-dollar idea.

3. The power of art
Art plays a large role in the development of C2 programming. Much like CSFX, also attended by James back in March, music was leveraged as a way of promoting discussion and creativity, and to set the tone of the conference. C2’s massive art installations experienced through every part of the event not only acted as conversation pieces (both at the conference and online through shared photos), but played a part in the overall innovative workplace environment mentioned previously. From large-scale ceiling artwork, to an inspiring Day 3 morning performance by soul singer DoMi, art was everywhere at C2.

The takeaway here is that art, whether visual, musical, physical, or a combination, plays a large role in marketing. The emotions art was able to incite throughout the C2 conference mirrors the emotions it can incite in your audience when leveraged properly. This can extend past marketing into other areas of a business as well.

These differentiators are what make C2 such an exciting opportunity for experts wanting a fully immersive industry experience. C2 does a great job at showcasing all of its unique programming, knowing its value proposition and how powerful it can be. Next year’s C2 Montreal event takes place May 23-25, 2018 and will follow a theme of “Transformative Collisions” – see you there!