We are only one week into November, and yet a number of new strategic partnerships have developed between technology companies during this short time. From payment solutions to sales software, consumers and marketers alike will surely benefit from the news of these relationships. Below are the TACK10 Tuesday Top 5 New Tech Partnerships.

1. Google and Salesforce
Google and Salesforce are both massive names in the world of technology software, and are each about to grow thanks to a newly announced partnership. The relationship will mostly see the integration of Google services into the Salesforce platform, including the use of Google Analytics and the G Suite office platform, and Google’s cloud infrastructure to help expand the entire Salesforce service. While it may seem as though Salesforce is receiving more out of the deal than Google, both sides of the partnership have made the commitment to continue finding ways to use each other’s products in the future. Through this partnership, Google also receives an advantage over its major competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. As per media coverage of the partnership thus far, many are calling it a first of its kind for cloud software, and one that could completely change the way these types of services are built and used moving forward.

2. Samsung and Canadian Banks
The latest strategic partnership in the financial sector comes from technology giant Samsung, who has struck a deal with both Scotiabank and ATB Financial. The partnerships will open up the Samsung Pay app, previously only available with CIBC, to customers of these banks. Partnering with Scotiabank and ATB Financial means Samsung is also able to open its Pay app to allow Interac support, as well as loyalty cards like Scene and Air Miles. The development of these relationships with new Canadian banks sets Samsung up to compete with similar mobile wallets like those available to Apple and Android users, and provides an added bonus to Samsung customers who are also users of Scene and Air Miles.

3. SurveyMonkey and Cint
In the world of market research, researcher and audience collide with a new partnership between online surveying tool SurveyMonkey and Cint, “the world’s Insight Exchange.” At its core, Cint connects market researchers with a network of 40 million registrants from over 100 countries to provide quick and accurate data. To SurveyMonkey, access to Cint’s network is largely beneficial to its SurveyMonkey Audience users, who require real-time research results via the surveys they send out. The partnership will allow SurveyMonkey Audience to go global, accessing Cint’s massive database and providing users with the ability to send surveys in 16 different languages, including through multilingual campaigns. According to Cint, “businesses can run global market research in minutes and get answers in hours or days rather than weeks or months,” with “24/7 access to millions of qualified respondents internationally.”

Each of these partnerships has the potential to lead to major growth for the companies participating, as well as additional value creation for the users who take advantage of these services every day. Both of these elements are important outputs for any fruitful strategic partnership, meaning these tech companies are setting up for success!