From equal pay, to medical legislation, to the issue of sexual assault and the viral nature of the #MeToo hashtag, conversation around women’s rights and equal rights is increasing in North America – and rightfully so. 

Around the world, brands are standing with women and are breaking the boundaries of advertising to speak to them freely about the topics they relate to. In the last two weeks alone, the following three brands have stepped outside of many individuals’ comfort zones to share deliver an authentic message to the women they serve. Here are the TACK10 Tuesday Top 3 Fem-Focused Brands Advertising Outside Comfort Zones.

1. DivaCup
Feminine hygiene brand DivaCup launched its first major campaign earlier this month, with a push on television, digital and print ads aiming to “Stop Period Paranoia.” Having previously pursued more traditional product-focused television commercials in the past, DivaCup – which is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to pads and tampons – takes a more personal approach to its latest campaign. Using humour to showcase the ways women often feel pressure and paranoia related to their periods, DivaCup offers its product as a solution.

2. CoppaFeel!
A major advertising breakthrough was announced last week when UK-based breast cancer awareness organization CoppaFeel! was given the right to show nude breasts in an aired commercial. The Trust Your Touch campaign will be the first to do so on daytime television, sharing the message that self-checking can save lives. CoppaFeel! aims to “talk about a serious message in a light-hearted way,” and does just that with the quirky Trust Your Touch ad; which also features a man’s chest, helping to also spread awareness around male breast cancer.

3. Bodyform
“Periods are normal. Showing them should be too,” is the motto of Bodyform’s latest advertising campaign, which takes the traditionally-used blue liquid from other feminine hygiene product demonstrations and turns it red. The company actually started turning to a more realistic approach in its advertising three years ago, which Bodyform says has led to increased sales and market share. The taboo-busting nature of the current campaign, titled Blood Normal, is meant to help raise girls’ self-esteem and normalize the period.