How’s that for an alliteration?

For those unfamiliar, TED Talks – or Technology, Entertainment and Design Talks – are a series of speeches performed by thought leaders with innovative, influential or inspiring ideas. These speeches take place at conferences around the world, are filmed and then curated onto and available across the web.

There are currently more than 2,200 videos on the website with topics ranging anywhere from agriculture to neuroscience. Today, we’ve compiled our Top 10 list of must-see business, sales and marketing-related TED Talks.

1) Simon Sinek’s “How great leaders inspire action”
We absolutely could not have a list of TED Talks without including “How great leaders inspire action.” In this talk, Sinek explains that successful leaders are successful not because of what they do, but why they do it.

2) Amy Cuddy’s “Your body language shapes who you are”
It’s no doubt that body language says a lot about a person and how they’re feeling at any given moment. Cuddy, a social psychologist, suggests in this talk that the way you carry yourself can also influence body chemistry and stress levels.

3) Kelly McGonigal’s “How to make stress your friend”
We’ve all heard that stress is associated with such ailments as heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and more. McGonigal aims to throw away that belief and, in this talk, tells us that it is our reaction to stress that causes problems within ourselves, not the stress itself.

4) Seth Godin’s “How to get your ideas to spread”
In this talk, marketing guru Godin tells us that staying safe can actually be riskier than having bad ideas. He says that many bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than the safe or boring ones, because the bad ones are attention grabbers.

5) Steven Johnson’s “Where good ideas come from”
Most “overnight successes” didn’t happen overnight at all. This is what Johnson’s talk is all about – how people claim a “Eureka!” moment to be the point at which an idea came to life, when there is actually a long history behind every successful idea we have.

6) Shawn Achor’s “The happy secret to better work”
Achor argues in this talk that instead of working hard to be happy, one must be happy in order to work hard. Happiness inspires us to be more productive, according to Achor, and can trigger others around you to do the same. Just think; when your coworkers or clients are blue, do you feel inspired to do good work? Probably not.

7) Cameron Herold’s “Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs”
Herold, the creator of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, wants parents and teachers to think of raising entrepreneurs, instead of kids who get weekly allowances for hardly any work, or students that only do their homework because they have to. Herold’s kids, for example, earn money weekly by negotiating a price for chores.

8) Pranav Mistry’s “The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology”
Back in 2009, when wearable technology was still in its early stages, Mistry gave a talk about his own wearable invention, SixthSense. This is a much-watch as it gives a sense of history to the wearables we now see everywhere, and on everyone, more than six years later.

9) Dan Pink’s “The puzzle of motivation”
This talk applies to everyone from managers wishing to better motivate their employees, to salespeople trying to find new ways to motivate buyers. Pink examines the benefits of offering non-traditional rewards as an incentive for those you want to motivate, and the overall impact of those rewards.

10) Rory Sutherland’s “Life lessons from an ad man”
Sutherland suggests in this talk that advertising has more to do with an audience’s perception of a product than it does with the product itself; according to him, this is how value is created. Instead of taking the long route of changing a product, why not work on changing the way it is advertised or perceived, instead?

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