If you’re the type of person who struggles with finishing your long list of to-dos at work – not because you don’t want to, but because you find it difficult to focus during the day, then this list is for you.

Smartphones are often considered a distraction at work, but with these ten free apps for iOS and Android (some conventional productivity helpers, others not), you can use your phone as the push you really need to get through the day and all the tasks that come with it.

1) Freedom
Freedom is an app that temporarily blocks mobile access to social media websites or any other site or app that distracts you while you work. Freedom is also available for Mac and Windows, meaning you can be completely distraction-free while working on your computer.

2) Countdown+ Lite
In this app, you can create custom countdowns for anything from birthdays to meetings to deadlines. If you’re wondering which of your tasks to battle first, check out which one has the closest deadline, or which one has a related meeting coming up.

3) Do!
Do! makes to-do lists simple and customizable. Choose from different templates and fonts, notification settings and more. As an added bonus to productivity, this app allows you to use your finger as a pen to cross off items on your list, using a satisfying pen-to-paper sound effect.

4) Squeak!
It’s scientifically proven that taking breaks throughout the workday promotes productivity. Squeak! helps you schedule either single or multiple breaks throughout your day. Each time you take a break, you get a point, and you can set goals and challenges for yourself to ensure you’re taking full advantage of your break time.

5) Lumosity
If you’re looking for quick games to play during your breaks throughout the day, why not go for Lumosity brain training. Lumosity uses a series of cognitive games designed by scientists and game developers that aim to give your brain a workout.

6) Focus Keeper Free
Focus Keeper Free is another break app but works on a more structured system. Using the Pomodoro Technique, this app breaks work into 25-minute periods with five-minute breaks in-between. After four Pomodoro periods, a longer break is given.

7) Tiny Calendar
Tiny Calendar is a smart calendar that syncs both Google Calendar and ICal to your smartphone, allowing you to edit and create new events right from mobile. The calendar is totally customizable with notification settings and eight different views.

8) Headspace
Sometimes all you need in order to focus on your workday is a good relaxation or meditation session. Headspace provides guided meditations you can do for ten minutes before you start your day, or emergency sessions throughout the day whenever you feel stress building up.

9) Rain Rain
This app has two main focuses: helping people sleep, and helping people work. If listening to the rain makes you sleepy, you may want to skip this one. But if having some light background noise helps you focus, then Rain Rain aims to do just that.

10) Spotify
While some people enjoy simple background noise, like rain hitting their windows, others need music in order to be productive. Spotify gives you access to all your favourite artists and songs, as well as playlists focused on specific tasks.