Ten years ago, before the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) was established, there seemed to be no room for females in the national hockey space except to cheer along from the sidelines. Talented women had been training at the same calibre as their male counterparts for years, and yet the wildly successful NHL saw all the glory. Things have since changed, and it is time now for brands to take advantage of the incredible partnership opportunities available to them through professional women’s sports.

There are a multitude of unique benefits that come with supporting female athletes. Using the CWHL as our example, these benefits can be broken down into three categories: passion, perception and price.

When a brand decides to partner with the CWHL, they are partnering not only with a premiere league itself, but with its breadth of passionate fans and other stakeholders. Women’s sport is one of the fastest growing sporting entertainment properties and the CWHL holds hockey’s largest female fan base – one that continues to grow rapidly.

The CWHL and its partners bring attention to hard-working, talented North American athletes, build leaders in communities by providing strong female role models, deliver family-oriented fun, and above all, empower young women and girls to pursue their dreams of playing hockey. On top of all of that, all CWHL games are webcast and playoffs and special events are broadcast on Sportsnet, which brought in over 310,000 viewers for the league last year. The brand perception that comes with partnering with a visible and passion-heavy organization is naturally a positive one.

In the value equation, the CWHL delivers bang for buck. A partnership with the CWHL delivers brands with access to top North American talent including National and Olympic players at a fraction of the price of an NHL partnership. This access to top players is met with a number of other assets including hospitality opportunities, customized activations, community programs, a wide social/digital reach, ownership opportunities and broadcast visibility.

The CWHL has current partnership packages available for their upcoming All-Star Weekend, February 10-12 in Toronto. Liaise with Olympic stars, become a brand speaker at a VIP reception, witness the game from the VIP suite, and more. Brands that are interested in becoming a partner and supporter of women’s sports but are not yet ready to take the leap can instead take part in the CWHL Partnership Summit on the Friday night.

With its rapidly growing audience base, affordable assets and vast network of engaged stakeholders, supporting women’s hockey through the CWHL is an opportunity any brand would do well in exploring. Reach out to us at info@tack10.com for more information on the CWHL All-Star Weekend, Partnership Summit, and how your brand can get involved.