Leadership styles come in many forms in different organizations. Top executives and business owners have their own approaches and perspectives on what they believe are the cornerstones of effective leadership. What are a few of the qualities they share? In this week’s blog post, we look at what makes a strong leader in any organization.

The One Trait All Impactful Leaders Share
“Effective leaders are inspirational in many ways but the ability to be an effective coach is what separates the best from the rest,” said TACK10’s Vice President, Strategy Kirk MacDonald. Think back to the impact of a great teacher or a beloved coach and the attributes they instilled in you. Great leaders should have the same impact. They are “guiding lights” and are always in a “coaching mode” and not a “bossing mode.”

Building Teams
Great leaders have the ability to make people feel not as though they are following but pursuing a destination together. They are not looking to rise to the top alone. They work side by side with their teams to elevate the performance of the entire organization. Strong leaders have the ability to clearly communicate their vision and instill confidence and trust among employees by encouraging honest give and take in a safe environment. This allows for organizational learning to be a cultural centerpiece. The benefits are many. At the top of the list is employee retention that benefits both an organization’s growth and the customers it serves. It also benefits the leader who does not become “the emperor with no clothes.”

Serving a Greater Cause
Leadership should also be viewed through the lens of embracing a cause larger than yourself. Effective leaders set ambitious standards for their organizations. James Chalmers, TACK10’s Group President and CEO, believes strongly in philosophical alignment with customers.

We believe that organizations should feel a responsibility to measure their success by these 3 P’s. Being socially responsible does not have to come at the expense of profit. When committed authentically to People and Purpose, organizations are proving that they can increase Profit, as people want to work for, support and buy from companies whose Purpose aligns with their own.

Final Bell 
When you put all the pieces together, what emerges is an inspirational leader that employees want to be around. “Charisma doesn’t permit us to lead,” said marketing guru Seth Godin. “Leading gives us charisma.”