Strategize is the third pillar in TACK10’s proprietary methodology. To read about the first pillar of our process, Evaluate… Read Evaluate here.


T10 Methodology

Our proprietary methodology builds on our founding partners’ extensive industry experience, with emphasis on their time in the product engineering and professional services sectors. It takes subjective Human Centered Design combined with objective Design Thinking and overlays those ideologies on a process that has proven itself to consistently deliver unparalleled measurable results against our clients’ organizational objectives.


Strategize:  Third Pillar

Develop strategy and tactical delivery that is flexible and versatile


The third pillar of the T10 Methodology is about bringing it all together. The knowledge gained from the first pillar, Evaluate and definition of what an organization has set as their goals and objectives through the second pillar, Define are brought together to create strategy and framework to achieve the desired outcomes. Simply put, strategy is our action plan and strategy informs the tactics best suited to deliver on objectives.


It is extremely important to understand that being “better” is not a strategy. The market today is as dynamic as ever and technology has pushed the boundary of competitive advantages. Organizations are all under extreme pressure to be more productive, more efficient and deliver a better overall service or product. Simply being better is not good enough. The fact is the market is moving so quickly that if organizations focus on being better, they will be overtaken and left behind. Being better is about fine tuning a process and that can be easily imitated and surpassed. What is required is differentiation. Differentiation is your value proposition so Strategize takes all of the inputs and insights from the first two pillars of the methodology to determine how to leverage your unique value proposition.


There is a lot that can be said about this pillar, but universal to all strategy are two very important components to keep in mind:


Clear and Identifiable
There is an easy mechanism to ensure accountability to this point. It is called the 3rd Party Test. A strategic plan should be able to be shared with any 3rd party who does not have intimate knowledge of the work being done and the plan should be clear and logical to them. This ensures that all stakeholders can read through the plan and understand the why, what and how the organization is moving forward.


Flexible and Versatile
Strategy needs to have flexibility and preparedness for the unexpected built into it. As a strategic plan is rolled out and performed, spheres of influence that are both internal and external start to impact performance. As strategy is being developed, this needs to be the expectation. Flexibility and versatility is not about having to pivot, it is ensuring the strategy can accommodate micro and macro adjustments to optimize performance.


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Strategize is the third pillar in TACK10’s proprietary methodology. To read about the fourth pillar of our process, Perform… Read Perform here.