How much do you know about what’s going on in the world? Staying up-to-date on current world and industry news not only builds knowledge and helps you stay sharp, but provides a number of benefits for you to take into the workplace. 

Throw your ideas of traditional news gathering out the window – current events have never been more accessible than they are now through a number of online platforms. Even browsing Facebook and Twitter in the morning will have your eyes meeting a number of breaking news articles. If your social feeds aren’t enough, try an app like Flipboard, the social news magazine. Flipboard users view stories based on their personal interests and can then save and curate those news pieces into their personal pages and in ‘group magazines’. This ensures you’re always in the know about the things that matter the most to you within your industry and beyond.

So, what exactly are the benefits of staying up-to-date, besides the obvious knowledge of what’s going on in the world around you? They start when you apply that knowledge.

Engagement with others
The most important way to build a rapport with a client, or to a network of new contacts, is through personal engagement. Small talk is often viewed as a mindless way to spend the required amount of time with a person before moving on to the next thing. Avoiding typical small talk topics and instead engaging in discussions surrounding provocative news of the day and innovations that are applicable to the individual across from you brings a deeper level to the relationships you create and makes each interaction more interesting.

Broader thinking
Expanding your knowledge to new heights helps you broaden your thinking throughout the day and opens your eyes to new possibilities and potential outcomes. Learning about new disruptive technologies can inspire you to think outside the box and to use more creativity in your own deliverables.

Daily application
News knowledge can and should be applied daily to your work because it’s not only important to stay personally up-to-date, but for your brand to stay current as well. Capitalize on the latest trend or breaking news of the day and work it into your content to pique interest. Learning about new ways to stay productive or the latest app to help with your workflow management gives you the direct tools to bring those skills to your job every day.

How do you build knowledge and stay up-to-date? Show us your tips and tricks, and favourite news platforms via @TACK10Strategy.