The Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) is the premier, highest level professional women’s hockey league in the world with five teams across Toronto, Brampton, Calgary, Montreal and Boston. The women who play on these teams are Olympians, National Champions and all-around incredible athletes, but they are also mothers, daughters and wives.

The brands who partner with the CWHL recognize the importance of giving back to the women who work so hard in order to fulfill their passion of playing hockey at a professional level. That is why on Friday, February 10 ahead of the CWHL’s All-Star Weekend events, TACK10 presented the first ever CWHL Partnership Summit to celebrate those brands who support the league and discuss the importance of doing so.

An exclusive event with invitations sent to current CWHL partners and other business leaders in the community, the Summit saw a great turnout with guests from partners including Scotiabank, Bauer, BridgeForce Financial, Complete Concussion Management, and Hillberg & Berk. The Boston Pizza Foundation, a new partner of the CWHL, was also represented at the Summit by Boston Pizza Founder and Chairman Jim Treliving and his wife Sandi, who sits on the CWHL Board of Directors.

Guests had the chance to mingle with one another, and to hear from panelists Darryl Hughes of Bauer Hockey, Jayda Back of Hillberg & Berk and Justin Lipton of Scotiabank, who spoke about the value their respective brands have both given and received through their CWHL partnerships, and the benefit of engaging with one another – a link that is often missing.

In the traditional sponsorship model, brands pay a fee for logo representation and naming rights and that is often the extent of their relationship with the league or other property they are sponsoring. With strategic partnerships and the production of events like the Partnership Summit, brands gain added value through collaboration with their fellow partners. Partners of the CWHL can now start thinking of themselves as partners with each other, sharing the goal of supporting the CWHL in innovative ways while receiving mutual benefit – the goal of any good strategic partnership!