PeriScope™ Business  

Proprietary solution to support business leaders across Cause, Property and SME, optimizing performance and the ability to deliver on organizational objectives.

Business leaders are consistently challenged to achieve more with fewer resources and to do so in an ecosystem that is more competitive than ever. Sometimes a complete turnaround is required. Other times individual strategies for growth are needed. Whatever the challenge, it is valuable to have the outside perspective and support from an executive team that has lived in the trenches and created the tools and processes out of these experiences to help business leaders meet their objectives. Understanding organizational health, readiness and capability to tackle strategic goals and objectives provides the foundation required to leverage the right tools and processes to meet the specific needs of an organization and drive growth.

PeriScope is delivered through TACK10’s proprietary five pillar methodology. Individually or when leveraged as the comprehensive PeriScope™ Business package, the 13 base components of the program have proven to drive growth and development in the most challenging of environments.

1. Evaluate
Current business plans, goals and objectives
•  Organizational resources to deliver on each plan
•  Stakeholder Engagement
•  Bridged SWOT analysis of organizational, departmental and / or program.

2. Define
Business unit requirements to deliver on organizational goals
•  KPIs for each relevant business unit
•  Resource Allocation

3. Strategize
Determine whether organization is resourced effectively to deliver on KPIs
•  Provide executive level business strategy and planning

4. Perform
Organizational HealthCheck
•  Measurement tools for all areas of organization (marketing, HR, operations)
•  Development or refinement of policies and procedures
•  Implementation oversight of pivot strategies

5. Measure
Audit of organizational health
•  Program refinement through re-application of methodology based on results


•  Streams: Choose from either the Cause, Property or SME stream.
•  Outcomes: Organizations will understand and have a clear road map for increasing organizational effectiveness and delivering results against growth objectives.
•  Availability: As individual off the shelf products and tools for license, as customized products, tools and services, or combined as the comprehensive PeriScope™ Business solution