Perform is the fourth pillar in TACK10’s proprietary methodology. To read about the first pillar of our process, Evaluate… Read Evaluate here.


T10 Methodology

Our proprietary methodology builds on our founding partners’ extensive industry experience, with emphasis on their time in the product engineering and professional services sectors. It takes subjective Human Centered Design combined with objective Design Thinking and overlays those ideologies on a process that has proven itself to consistently deliver unparalleled measurable results against our clients’ organizational objectives.


Perform:  Fourth Pillar

Put strategy and tactical elements to the test, expecting the unexpected


The fourth pillar of the T10 Methodology is about execution. It is crucial that prior to initiating any activity, you absolutely must go back to the second pillar of the methodology, Define, and root yourself in the Objectives you are going to be measuring against. Moving into the Perform phase, keep these Objectives top of mind and constantly be thinking about whether the current delivery of the Strategy and Tactics is going to meet or exceed these targets.


TACK10’s Founder, Group President and CEO James Chalmers can often be heard saying “the TACK10 team is able to provide unbiased strategy because we do not have a suite of services for which pipelines must be filled”. It is easy to see how the strategy coming from a digital agency will favour digital strategy and tactics. TACK10 is unique in that we are able to remain completely agnostic and therefore develop the strategy and tactical elements best suited to deliver on the objectives of the organization.


With this said, TACK10 plays two very important roles in the Perform phase of the methodology.


Tools to Execute

Within TACK10’s family of products, tools and services are hyper specific tools that have been developed as products to enable the Perform phase. These products are available either off the shelf for license or customized to the unique nuances of an organization or project. Explore any of these service offerings and you will find that the products contained within the Perform phase of the methodology have been created to ensure the execution teams are able to remain flexible in their implementation of the strategy and have the data available that allows them to make tweaks real time.


Executive Management

The other important role played by TACK10 in execution is executive management of the internal teams and/or external agencies who are the experts in the verticals selected as tactics to deliver on the strategy. Our ability to see the big picture, to understand how various elements interact with one another and the desired outcomes along with the fact that our teams are intimately familiar with all of the spheres of influence that affect the organization mean we are ideally positioned to absorb significant amounts of data during execution, extract meaningful insights from the data and take quick action to correct any issues or leverage any areas that are proving to have disproportionate success.


Perform does not mean pressing play and sitting back. It requires constant engagement and activity to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.


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Perform is the fourth pillar in TACK10’s proprietary methodology. To read about the fifth and final pillar of our process, Measure… Read Measure here.