Own the Helm™: Parallels Between Success in Business & Professional Sport  

Seminar, workshop, training and coaching for teams and / or individuals who have a desire to tune performance of their organizations or departments.

The challenges facing organization are as numerous and as intense today as they have ever been. The walls that exist and the competition for resources and acknowledgement between business units / departments are costing organizations main street competitiveness. In the world of sport, it is clear that the most competitive teams are unified and individually, each player is putting team success before their own. In this seminar you will hear from James Chalmers, Group President & CEO at TACK10 Strategy on what it takes to win at some of the highest levels of yacht racing, from the America’s Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race right down to Tuesday night club races. Just as a CEO leads an organization, yachts are helmed by one person, yet it takes every crew member owning performance in their function and committing to the strategy and direction for the team to succeed.


•  Streams: Singular stream for Brands, Causes, Properties and SMEs.
•  Outcomes: Participants will understand the importance of their individual roles in delivering on organizational objectives. They will stop putting personal glory ahead of team glory and start owning performance in their respective roles.
•  Availability: Individual seminar or as our popular combined offering of seminar and workshop with the option for ongoing team and / or individual coaching for individuals or departments who desire in depth performance tuning.