With the development of integrated strategic partnerships at the core of TACK10’s raison d’être, we often find ourselves writing about just that. What we do not often find ourselves writing about is topics like parenting, fertility or surrogacy. When the world of strategic partnership collides with interesting topics – that is, when companies in industries completely different than our own work together to enter into these partnerships, it gives us a lot to write about!

GenePeeks is a genetic screening technology that offers preconception screening tests. These tests analyze potential parents’ DNA to determine the likelihood of their future children developing over 1100 different genetic diseases.

Donor Concierge is a search service that connects intended parents with egg donors or surrogates that match their determined criteria through a network of trusted agencies.

Earlier this week, GenePeeks and Donor Concierge partnered up in an alliance that will allow the GenePeeks screening technology to be integrated into the decision-making process of choosing a donor or surrogate. Parents who wish to test potential donors for their likelihood of passing on a genetic disease to their child can do so more easily and accurately with this technology. At the same time, GenePeeks is exposed to a larger and aligned audience, aiding in the company’s goal of global access.

Not only is this partnership a great example of a naturally aligned relationship between brands, it helps in solving some major questions faced by intended parents when searching for the perfect donor or surrogate. While exposing GenePeeks to a wider audience, the partnership may also open the doors for more Donor Concierge users who were previously wary of using the service without the possibility of advanced screening available.

In the broader picture, this strategic partnership also sheds a light on the topic of fertility, helping to promote knowledge and understanding of an issue faced by many people.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this partnership progresses, how consumers react to the availability of the integrated technology, and what the measured results are for both GenePeeks and Donor Concierge.