Measure is the fifth and final pillar in TACK10’s proprietary methodology. To read about the first pillar of our process, Evaluate… Read Evaluate here.


T10 Methodology

Our proprietary methodology builds on our founding partners’ extensive industry experience, with emphasis on their time in the product engineering and professional services sectors. It takes subjective Human Centered Design combined with objective Design Thinking and overlays those ideologies on a process that has proven itself to consistently deliver unparalleled measurable results against our clients’ organizational objectives.

Measure:  Fifth and Final Pillar

Key performance indicators measured, reported and strategy or tactics refined


As the name indicates, the fifth and final pillar of the T10 Methodology is all about measurement. Were tactics successful in delivering against your objectives and if they were, did that success translate into success of the ultimate goal?


Human Centered Design + Design Thinking

While the fifth pillar of the T10 Methodology is the final pillar, it is really just the beginning of this continuous process. No program or engagement is flawless. Every program or engagement has elements that can be learned from and refined. Just as important as the objective measurement which is part of our Design Thinking framework, is the subjective Human Centered Design process. While the Design Thinking framework gives us an objective solution, Human Centered Design gives us solutions that will be adopted and used by… humans!

All the key performance indicators that have been measured must now be evaluated on the basis of each of the subjective and objective ideologies. As results are reported, these outputs should clearly address the subjective quality of the objective data. Leveraging both ideologies allows an organization to maximize both its quantitative and qualitative performance and provides the greatest opportunity for growth.


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Measure is the fifth and final pillar in TACK10’s proprietary methodology. To read more content from TACK10… Read More here.