Marketing is a massive umbrella that encompasses so many areas of specialization and then sub-focuses and sub-tactics. If we completely strip it down and look at the textbook definition, Dr. Phillip Kotler defined marketing as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit.”. Remember your 4 P’s!? Kotler’s definition includes the coordination of the 4 P’s.

But what is marketing to those that work in the field every day? What does it mean to you? When you live and breathe being a marketer of any description, it goes well beyond definitions and boundaries. In today’s blog post we are looking at the different things marketing is to us here at TACK10.

Marketing is Communication
When our VP of Strategy, Cause and Public Sector, Tracy Culleton was asked what marketing means to her she dove straight into communication. After all, the fundamental goal of marketing is to deliver a message to potential consumers. Marketing is a means of communicating to your audience in a way that compels them to engage with your brand, product or services. It is important to note that in today’s day and age, consumers are receiving an overwhelming volume of information. Tracy believes “for marketing to be effective, it must be able to cut through the noise and create a narrative that resonates with individuals on a personal basis.”

Marketing is Doing Good
Our Account Coordinator, Zana Petric is still very new to the marketing world, but what drew her to marketing was that she could do good with it. “When I tell people I am in marketing, many believe marketing is all about finding ways to trick people into buying things they do not need” she says. Marketing is so much more than the product side of things. “Here at TACK10, I have seen first hand our team working with amazing organizations and coming up with kick-ass strategies that have a positive impact towards their business objectives and for all stakeholders. It is important to remember that marketing is so much more than advertising and selling, it can be used as a force to drive doing good.”

Marketing is Everything
Marketing spans across all aspects of business, and to our Director of Brand Strategy, Andre Proulx – marketing is everything. “Marketing is the science of finding the right people at the right time and then the art of influencing their “hearts, minds and wallets”. It is every point of contact a business has with anyone who interacts with it. It’s the ability to build awareness, engagement, acquisition then equity in the product/service you produce.”

Marketing is Business
“Marketing is the one business function that takes the foundations of finance, human resources, operations, sales, technology and every other function… and ties them together.” says James Chalmers, Group President and CEO. “Part of the focus is internal, part is external, but it is all about communication of a value proposition and a promise that must be consistently delivered.” “Consistency is the key. With so many unknowns in the world, it is those organizations who provide us with consistency and what we expect every single time that are outperforming their competitors.”

The Final Bell
This one is on you! Marketing means so many different things to so many different people. Keep it authentic, be consistent and never be afraid to push boundaries to further the “art & science” that is marketing!