LightHouse™ CSR   

Proprietary solution to integrate purpose into every aspect of your organization and support change management to ensure CSR delivers on organizational objectives for Brands, Causes and SMEs.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a nice to have, it is a must have. Consumers expect brands to take a stand and support causes that matter to them. Most leaders recognize that purpose must be embedded to create fully actualized brands. Where they struggle is in how to do this. The default is to task agency partners with developing a cause marketing campaign that aligns with brand values. This can deliver a short-term win, but it does meet customer expectations of organizations, nor does it create an authentic narrative, customer loyalty or long-term success. For cause to be leveraged in delivering on acquisition and loyalty objectives across every stakeholder group (investors, employees, customers), purpose must be embedded into every aspect of an organization.

LightHouse is delivered through TACK10’s proprietary five pillar methodology. Individually or when leveraged as the comprehensive LightHouse™ CSR package, the 16 core components of the program have proven that organizations who bake purpose into all aspects of their business operations exponentially outperform their competitors.

1. Evaluate
Level of integration of purpose into the business and brand
•  Purpose Benchmark Grading
•  Stakeholder Engagement
•  Bridged Purpose SWOT analysis of organizational, departmental and / or program.

2. Define
Organization’s Mission, Vision and Values or determine where Purpose fits within existing Mission, Vision and Values
•  Strategic goals & objectives that can be advanced or achieved through integration of purpose
•  KPIs for purpose across all relevant areas of the organization
•  Resource Allocation

3. Strategize
Determine requirements by department or area of the organization to integrate purpose
•  Determine any partnerships needed to deliver on purpose, vision and mission

4. Perform
Purpose ScoreCard
•  Purpose valuation and measurement tools for each department
•  Development or refinement of policies and procedures
•  Negotiation of purpose partnerships

5. Measure
Audit of purpose activities and progress
•  Purpose refinement through re-application of methodology based on results


•  Streams: Choose from either the Brand, Cause or SME stream.
•  Outcomes: Organizations will have a clear understanding of the extent to which purpose is integrated within their business operations and a clear strategy to increase or leverage purpose as a driver of overarching business objectives.
•  Availability: As individual off the shelf products and tools for license, as customized products, tools and services, or combined as the comprehensive LightHouse™ CSR solution.