Legacy Effect™: Defining Impact    

Seminar, workshop and ongoing support for leaders of privately held companies seeking to define the legacy they wish to leave both personally and professionally.

As giving trends change, so do the definitions of legacy and impact. Canada is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world and has nearly 1.1 million SMEs. The individuals who establish and lead these organizations already deliver incredible impact through job creation and support for the economy. But for many, there is a sense of wanting to do more and a desire to start early in creating a legacy of impact for their communities. In this dynamic seminar, TACK10’s founders will share their own inspiration for impact and the resulting outcomes that this inspiration has driven.  Definition of legacy and the implementation of a purpose plan has the ability to unify families and teams unlike any other strategy.


•  Streams: Singular stream for Brands, Causes, Properties and SMEs.
•  Outcomes: Participants will leverage the inspiration of this seminar to answer the question “what is the legacy I want to leave personally and through my company?”
•  Availability: Individual seminar or as our popular combined offering of seminar and workshop with the option for ongoing team and / or individual coaching for individuals, organizations or families who seeking support with the development and implementation of a purpose plan.