What could possibly be more exciting for TACK10 than news of a great new strategic partnership between two major brands? Those brands leveraging AI technology as the key in their partnership. IBM and Salesforce recently partnered to bring together their respective AI platforms – IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein – in order to better the Salesforce experience for both users and their clients.

Currently, Salesforce Einstein uses data to heighten the CRM experience for Salesforce customers, providing client insights, sales outcome predictions, and automated tasks with the goal of molding “the world’s smartest CRM.” With IBM as a strategic partner, Salesforce is able to make those customer insights even smarter by pairing them with general industry data, image recognition technology, and even relevant information on the weather.

What does the weather forecast have to do with business? It can be very important. The Weather Company, which is an IBM property leveraged by Watson and integrated into the new Salesforce system, uses the example of an insurance company. If a company like Intact Insurance were to use Salesforce as its CRM system of choice, it could now receive data on upcoming weather threats and then be able to notify clients in affected regions of the weather alert and any information they may need regarding claims and policies. The new integrated Salesforce Einstein speeds up the process of receiving alerts for the insurance company, makes it easier to alert clients, and creates a smart system that ensures the right people are getting the information they care about at the right time.

In true strategic partnership form, Salesforce is not the only side benefitting from this brand alliance. Einstein will be lending IBM Watson the more personal, customer-focused data technologies it excels at. While both Salesforce and IBM will continue selling their respective AI platforms separately while simply sharing pieces from each, there are plans to release co-created products later in the year.

We are so excited to see what technological heights this new partnership will reach, and the new ways in which both IBM and Salesforce customers will benefit.