Hi everyone, I am Tanner.

I am the newest member of the TACK10 family and I have been given the pen this week. A lot has happened that has lead me to this moment, but I would like to take a minute to bring you through the journey that had me choose a career in marketing and why TACK10 specifically caught my attention.

It was in high school during my first big theatre performance – I played “Drunk #2” in My Fair Lady – that I fell in love with the feeling you get from making others happy. That same feeling you get when you hand your best friend a birthday gift. Instantly I was addicted, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I didn’t know it at the time but it would become a mission for me to have a positive impact in the lives of others, a mission that led me on a trip to Kenya through Me to We. This was the trip that changed it all; I fell in love with the cause world and the fact that by simply giving a little bit of my own time I was able to positively impact the lives of so many.

Why Marketing:
Fast forward to my first year at Fleming College where we had to take a common first year course in business and I found myself really connecting with this idea of strategy and strategic thinking in Marketing 101. As I dove deeper into this newly found world of marketing, my passion for having a positive impact in the lives of others took somewhat of a back seat, only really showing its head in the way of a part time job working at the campus pub where I tried to brighten students’ days the best I could.

It wasn’t until my final year at Fleming where, through the guidance of my professors and the opportunity to work on my first client project, the OSM Farmers Market, I realized these two passions came together in a powerful way.

At the end of my time at Fleming I knew my academic career was not over. I also knew I wanted to start taking steps that would lead me to a place where I could work daily toward having a positive impact on others’ lives and get paid for it, so I decided to move to the big city. Toronto seemed like the land of opportunity as far as marketing and causes go, with so many non profits and marketing agencies having offices in the same place. I was accepted to Ryerson and committed to challenging how I thought about marketing and how I might apply it in a way that helped me achieve my overall goal.

Why TACK10:
In my final semester at Ryerson, as my classmates were all out finding jobs at whatever marketing agency would take them, I realized that for me to be happy and do my best work I would need to focus my job search efforts on an agency or consultancy that was as committed to having a positive impact on the lives of others as I was. I was going to finding an employer who aligned with me in a way that would bring a sense of meaning to my work.

Finally, it happened, after months of searching through job descriptions and researching different marketing companies I came across this place that just seemed to do things differently. They focused on the strategic thinking I loved and married that with the use of partnerships to deliver work that had the kind of direct impact I was looking for.

They were seemingly as committed to cause as I was with:

  • A manifesto that included people, purpose, and profit,
  • A 5% pledge to help organizations who themselves are having positive social, environmental, and economic impact,
  • And a big hairy audacious goal to have their work have a direct and positive impact on the human experience for at least 20 million Canadians by 2025.

Digging deeper I realised not only are these people saying some really great things, but they are putting in the work to back that up, keeping company with the likes of Food Banks Canada, CAMH, The CNE, and many more to build partnerships that would not only further their clients’ business interests, but touch consumers’ lives in a real and meaningful way.

The Final Bell:
So here I am, the newest member of an amazingly talented team who share my passion not only for great marketing solutions but also in having a positive impact in the lives of others. If there is one thing you take away from my journey I hope it will be to allow yourself to follow your passion in whatever you do, and you will find yourself doing great things that keep you inspired. In fact, in my first few weeks here I have felt more inspired by the work being put out by my teammates and the conversations around the office than I have in a while, and I can not wait to see what the future has in store.

Tanner Murrant

Tanner Murrant

Account Coordinator

An enthusiastic and passionate marketer, Tanner brings energy and creativity to the team at TACK10. Working in the marketing department for both public and private sector properties, Tanner has a wide range of skills in developing strategy that fits the needs of an individual brand. Tanner strives to create impact through his work, no matter what the project may be.