When it comes to excellence in content creation, one gadget brand easily comes out on top: GoPro. Due to the nature of the GoPro product line and the visually compelling content its products are able to create, the brand’s social media channels are overflowing with impressive action shots and fast-paced thrills.

Promoting GoPro products by sharing what their lenses can capture is not the only thing GoPro does well. A handful of notable strategic partnerships have been created throughout the years since GoPro first hit the market in 2002, the most recent of which have leveraged the power of media and content creation in unique ways.

Perhaps the most well-known of GoPro’s partnerships is with Red Bull. The two brands collaborated back in 2012 for a live broadcast that stopped the world in its tracks: Red Bull Stratos (the moment daredevil Felix Baumgartner was launched 24 miles into space and then jumped back to earth with five GoPro cameras strapped to his suit).

Since then, GoPro and Red Bull have continued to partner up for different events, recently announcing an exclusive global partnership this past May. The new partnership, a multi-year deal, will be comprised of distribution, product innovation, and of course, content production and cross-promotion. Content production and cross-promotion on social media is nothing new to GoPro, who often leverages social media to promote not only its own brand but its partners. What is new for this partnership however is that GoPro will now be the exclusive provider of point-of-view imaging technology at all Red Bull events worldwide for the duration of the contract. Red Bull in turn will receive equity in GoPro and both brands will share content rights on all co-productions.

At the same time as this massive partnership deal with Red Bull, GoPro will be creating unique content for three other major brands: Ford, Wimbledon and Real Madrid. For each of these brands, GoPro will help create original episodic content aimed at online audiences. These videos will be much more than typical social media content, instead following in-depth stories and sharing the point-of-view of different players in each of the spaces. GoPro has already started creating this content for Ford and Wimbledon, with the Real Madrid series soon underway, as well as mention of future content partnerships that will follow the same idea. These partnerships in particular are further opening the doors to the general public, a previously un-tapped market for GoPro who had originally been labelled as a brand exclusive to extreme sports.

A brand with a very specific skill set and style, GoPro has been doing an excellent job at leveraging what it is known for in order to partner with brands that have similar visions and framing, but are able to facilitate entry into a new audience – a key factor in the best strategic partnerships.