A new partnership has emerged this week between two Canadian-made brands: French’s and Polar Ice. With a new Caesar mix that launched in January, French’s had a goal of finding a vodka partner that aligned with its focus on the use of Canadian ingredients and resources. With Polar Ice, the condiments brand has successfully created a relationship that not only makes sense, but that continues to capitalize on an important step in French’s history.

Back in 2015, Heinz pulled its ketchup production from Leamington, Ontario which lead to major job losses and negative brand perception by Canadians from coast to coast. French’s –with a new ketchup product and the goal of breaking through the barrier of the competition ­– took the news along with a viral Facebook post praising its own Canadian ingredients and ran with it, developing a cause campaign with Food Banks Canada. The combination of readiness to act with the link to a cause benefitting Canadians drove sales and positive brand perception for French’s in a major way.

Now, French’s is leveraging its Canadian roots once again with the push for its Caesar mix and the partnership with Polar Ice which will be multi-channel and focused on the “True North” nature of both their relationship and the drink. Details of the partnership include a free bottle of French’s Caesar mix with every bottle of Polar Ice vodka purchased in Canadian liquor stores, and a campaign using digital, social media, television and in-store creative to promote the “True North” Caesar recipe featuring both brands as key ingredients.

Timing seems right again for French’s; engaging in a strategic partnership with strong Canadian messaging ahead of summertime Canada 150 celebrations has the potential to push the campaign to major heights. The natural connection between brand positioning, timing of events, and partner alignment is what has given this new partnership an A+ in the TACK10 books.